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Chapter 13 Dating With Radioactivity

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Dating with Radioactivity - ppt video online download

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The title track " Radioactivity " was released as a single, and became a hit in France after it was used as the theme to a popular music show. Background[ edit ] The hyphenated album title displays Kraftwerk's typical deadpan humour, being a pun on the twin themes of the songs, half being about radioactivity and the other half about activity on the radio.

Kraftwerk - Radioactivity (French TV 1978)

Also, the album was the first to bear the fruit of Kling Klang as an established vanity label under the group's new licensing deal with EMI. It slowly accelerates over time before fading out.

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The song continues with a synth melody as the other instruments enter. The band's custom-built electronic percussion also featured heavily in the sound, and extensive use was made of the vocoder.

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For the first time the group did not use flute, violin or guitars.

Radioactivity Lyrics

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