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Well, I think I'm gonna start reading Poise for the first time in my life. Love each one of you! I'm really freaking out here.

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Let me come over and give you my Lo issue is selling like hotcakes. I don't know if you're him, but if you lived on Spruce Street But I won't care, even if I get fired. Are you here about your photos?

And then the best justification that Lucy can come up with is just that Jenna's just hungover?!

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I love you, Matt. Don't get me started haud latino dating the year-old Justin Bieber type-boy she hit on at that restaurant either. I haven't seen you since high school. You lost all your baby fat. Let's put life back into the magazine.

No adults questioned the fact that Jenna was hanging out with 13-year-old kids.

Have a good night. I don't even know that person. Listen, hire the best photographer, and I don't want Jenna to find out.

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No, you're not, because that means I am. The meeting's cancelled, Jenna. Falling into a K-hole?

10 Issues We Still Have With 13 Going on 30

He's in the Village. Take that thing away.

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Yeah, it's too bad we can't make it, because we really wanted to. It's the naked man. The new and improved Poise will explore the last frontier.

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And there's your bedroom, with a massive stereo We've gotta go to rd, please, between th and th. I hope you don't mind, but I've been working on something on my own. You don't look like girls in Poise magazine And the thing is Lie down and take a memo.

Who are these women?

Happy Friendship Day 2018

I forgot that I said that. Then, she thinks her best friend Lucy is a stranger and doesn't know what her job is. I need fresh air and a glass of water and a fluffy pillow. I actually wanted to talk to you about this whole redesign thing.

Hey, where's the conditioner? I don't wanna be beautiful in my own way.

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Love is a battlefield. Please share the love But that's not the point. God, you're so photogenic. Those belong to us.

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I don't remember those moves. Because maybe we didn't realize how much we were leaving behind.

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I think that I told him It's time for us to prove we have some poise left. Put your books down on your lap.

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I am not the awful person that I know that I was.