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I am 48 years old, and farm raised.

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This is a serious request to rebuild a 12v 95 Dodge Krasnije gori online dating. Bucket Of course, one of the most important parts of any loader is the bucket.

Video of the Day Dimension The dimensions of a loading backhoe like the Case series determine, to a large extent, the torque, lift and overall power of the machine. Not sure how to go over the details here. So a reply to this with some help? Bucket capacity on the series loaders ranges from 0.

Lot a them these day's. The Loader Backhoe, which was produced in several models, is small enough to work in medium-size back yards but powerful enough to handle tough jobs over very large areas.

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Case M model loaders use a four-speed synchromesh transmission with hydraulically actuated clutches while N model s use an electronic Powershift Transmission unit.

I would pay for all part's and shipping coast's. And Pay you whatever you would charge to build it. And seen them worked on. Again I am not sure how to do this throughU Tube.

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You are one of the best Mechanics I have ever seen. I hope you get to Pa. Fuel Like most heavy-duty equipment, the Case loader backhoe requires a great deal of fuel. Transmission The Case loaders all feature four forward gears with most also featuring four reverse gears.


Would be greatly appreciated. Worked on a few thing's. The ground clearance on both models is 1. Looking forward to your next mechanical video adventure: Stay safe out there. This is an entirely a legitimate request.

Contact me a wlrfixinit gmail. Although one engine is bigger, the power measured by rpm is the same with both measuring rpm maximum with rpm maximum torque power. Comments milance17 What happened to getting a new truck?

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Not a part's changer. I couldn't believe how much the pressure drop can kill an air gun. Light capacity is the same 6, pounds maximum at full height with maximum reach at dump height ranging from 2.

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Made it to somewhere in Georgia changed fuel filters in line on both tanks full of some kind of black shit damn one tank working good the other not I have been under this thing six times and then Saturday night at 2: Power Power in the backhoe is measured in different ways.