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It felt like a really intimate concert, much different to paying 5x the price to see Eminem at Wembley, for example. He needed ways to measure and track the pace of technological progress.

One of the goals of the Singularity Institute is to make sure not just that artificial intelligence develops but also that the AI is friendly.


He'd been busy since his appearance on I've Got a Secret. It's a surprisingly reliable rule of thumb. Google is experimenting with computers that can drive cars. Who draws the line between sentient and nonsentient?

His manner is almost apologetic: He positively flogs himself to think bigger and bigger; you can see him kicking against the confines of his aging organic hardware.

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The biologist Dennis Bray was one of the few voices of dissent at last summer's Singularity Summit. I have to say, I hadn't heard of Constant Flow or Hasan Salaam prior to the show, but I will definitely be looking out for both of them now.

But it's also possible that there are things going on in our brains that can't be duplicated electronically no matter how 2018 immortality yahoo dating MIPS you throw at them. The entire field of artificial intelligence, or AI, is devoted to this question.

When we're trying to avoid an animal, we pick the linear prediction of where it's going to be in 20 seconds and what to do about it.

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The three-year-old Singularity University, which offers inter-disciplinary courses of study for graduate students and executives, is hosted by NASA. That is actually hardwired in our brains.

According to Kurzweil, we're not evolved to think in terms of exponential growth. Once hyper-intelligent artificial intelligences arise, armed with advanced nanotechnology, they'll really be able to wrestle with the vastly complex, systemic problems associated with aging in humans.

See how genes, gender and diet may be life extenders.

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

He and many other Singularitarians take seriously the proposition that many people who are alive today will wind up being functionally immortal. What are the geopolitics and the socioeconomics of the Singularity? In "Sailing to Byzantium," W.

As the Singularity's most visible champion, he has heard all the questions and faced down the incredulity many, many times before.


There are more than 2, robots fighting in Afghanistan alongside the human troops. Five years ago we didn't have million humans carrying out their social lives over a single electronic network. Is it an unimaginable step to take the iPhones out of our hands and put them into our skulls?

Flip that forward 40 years and what does the world look like? Kurzweil likes to point out that your average cell phone is about a millionth the size of, a millionth the price of and a thousand times more powerful than the computer he had at MIT 40 years ago.

Proponents of seasteading - the practice, so far mostly theoretical, of establishing politically autonomous floating communities in international waters - handed out pamphlets.


Together they form a movement, a subculture; Kurzweil calls it a community. Not all of them are Kurzweilians, not by a long chalk. Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever.

Working with Terry Grossman, a doctor who specializes in longevity medicine, Kurzweil has published two books on his own approach to life extension, which involves taking up to pills and supplements a day.

Technique met fans queuing before the concert started and did autographs etc, and then he stayed at the end until every last fan had shook his hand and got his autograph. Now we have Facebook.

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Hands down the best concert I have ever been to. It felt very "go with the flow" rather than many of the staged, rehearsed performances you usually see these days - many times Technique asked the DJ or the crowd what song he should do next, and he seemed ready and able to perform anything requested.

Read "How to Live Years. Watson isn't strong AI, but if strong AI happens, it will arrive gradually, bit by bit, and this will have been one of the bits.