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The wide, even dispersal of grass leaves a fine thin layer directly behind the mower, vs. No shields to remove. Keeps driveline off ground.

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At the time, Kubota did not offer a rear discharge belly mower, maybe they still don't, not sure. Simple one belt design. Allows for constant and proper tension on belt. Low, medium, high-lift, or mulching blades are available to match customer needs and specific applications.

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Top hitch has two hook-up points which allows greater lifting leverage for smaller tractors. Roller bearings allow for a long life.

Cast iron housings for added protection and durability.

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Top and bottom hitch points float up and down which allows the mower to float over uneven terrain. Better than adjusting gearbox for belt tension.

Finish Mower

Kevlar material adds additional strength. Before getting my B inI used my Sitrex 72" rear mount mower on a 2wd Ford tractor, which I sold after getting the B Add To Cart Features: For ease in hookup and storage of driveline.

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IMO if you're not collecting the grass clippings, a rear discharge is the mower to use, to reduce the appearance of rows or small piles of grass clippings. Built-in to throw material down, as well as forcing thrown objects down.

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Heavy deck material to aid in overall strength and longevity. Keeps grass from blowing in unwanted areas.

FDR 16 Series Finish Mowers

Mid Mount Mower or 3 point finish mower I use a rear mount rear discharge mower on my Kubota B for open hilly areas an old pasture. My B has R4 tires and when in 4wd the front tires can tear the sod when cornering, in 2wd the front tires can occasionally tear the sod if cornering is too sharp.

No scratching, no rattling.

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Another plus for a rear mount, it can be used on any tractor with a Cat 1 3 point. It never lacks in power even on the hills, but I occasionally need to use 4wd on the hills if the grass is damp.

Allows for easy hook-up by being able to remove pins and back into clevises.

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Easier to mow around objects. With my ear mount rear discharge mower, grass clippings spread out evenly behind the mower and are not piled in rows along the side, as a side discharge can often do.

I like rear discharge mowers which is why I chose a RM mower. Assures top bearing gets grease.

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Frames takes stress out of deck by supporting it. Accommodates many tractor configurations by adjusting in and out.

The rear discharge cutting decks make them well suited to meet the mowing needs of home and estate owners alike. The FDR16 provides a superb quality of cut and superior clipping distribution when grass is cut on a frequent basis and ground conditions are not wet.