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Know what the focus of the jar is reasons I love you, goals, memories, etc.

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A great gift idea, these jars are a fun way to uplift your friends and family with a personal 365 dating ideas. The most astounding thing about happiness and its impact on health is the fact that happiness is something you can give to other people.

You can even differentiate exercises within the jar by using color-coded pieces of paper—red for cardio, blue for aerobic, etc. Remember that the jar is going to be opened over the course of an entire year. There are hundreds of unique and personalized ways to decorate the jar.

They can either be given 365 dating ideas gifts or made to be self-motivational. In fact, you can even buy pre-made jars complete with sayings. Whether you decide to make it for yourself, your significant other, or a friend, this jar is a neat way to take a break from the norm and do something fun and creative.

From ice skating or taking a cooking class together, to a picnic in the park or going to a concert, the possibilities are endless.

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If you really get stuck on what to write, there are websites that give ideas. Countless studies have revealed that happy people are generally healthy than unhappy people.

A Date a Day: 365 Date Ideas for LDS Teens by an LDS Teen

This makes your list searchable. You can wrap an old book jacket around jehovah witness dating guidelines for christians jar, or perhaps paper mache the outside with newspaper print or old magazines.

This is also a wonderful anniversary gift to give the person you love; remind her how beautiful she is or tell him how strong and trustworthy he is.

A study that asked participants to rate their happiness before being exposed to the common cold revealed that people who frequently experienced positive emotions were less likely to develop a cold.

A Date a Day: 365 Date Ideas for LDS Teens by an LDS Teen

This means that it isn't the end of the world if some of the sentiments are similar. If anything, it gives greater incentive to grab a dream each day and make it happen!

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Fill this jar with things that we sometimes take for granted and are sometimes a little silly. Another benefit of giving a jar as a gift is that it is very inexpensive as do-it-yourself ideas go.


These notes can be quotes, memories, or anything positive or motivational. Conversely, you could use this jar for yourself to write a new memory every day of the year. What makes a jar such a great item to have around the house? If so, set yourself up with the number of each slips that you need to get started.

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Types Of Jars To Make Whether you choose to make a jar that gives you designated ways to improve your life throughout the year, or simply make you or its recipient a happier person, there are countless options of what to write on the slips in the jar. If you get stuck on things to say, use family, friends, and the internet as a resource.

Tie ribbons or charms to the outside of the jar, or buy some jewelry-making wire to string beads onto and wrap around the lip of the jar. It might be a good idea to set your list of things to write up on a computer first.

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It can be something as simple as breathing in fresh air, seeing a flower in bloom or watching two cavorting squirrels. Personal jars are good tools to make yourself stick to your New Year's resolution.

It brings happiness and motivation. The options are endless. Write down various chores on strips of paper to place inside of the jar. What better way to start the day than by reading notes from a loved one?

Use paper that is colorful or decorative to write your items on, or write each one in a different color pen.

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They make great anniversary, New Year's, or holiday gifts for significant others. You can include past memories, of course, but also memories that you hope to create with this person in the future.

Once you have decided on the numbers, sit yourself down and start writing.

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Then, take small strips of paper and write a memory on each one. Of course, you can make it a more in-depth process by getting more creative and decorating the jar.

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You might also like to color-code the strips by genre. Use different colored strips of paper to differentiate between seasons, like blue for winter date ideas, yellow for summer, green for spring, and purple for autumn. Take a jar and decorate it any way you please—paint it, douse it in glitter, or paste photos along the outside.

Obviously, we can clearly see the benefit of making a jar with healthy things to do this year.