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What is the Difference between v 3 phase motor with a v 3 phase supply? Many three phase has also taps in them like, always read on this this might come default lower voltage then what you are going to use.

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. I am not very good at spelling either, so I use a dictionary as needed.

If the welder has a switching power supply then you must have a three phase converter. Unfortunately, many chunks of the NEC are not for amateurs. The original poster may not have as much experience as you do in wiring, but he is at least trying to look up the information that he lacks.

Like ken said if you don't know what you are doing don't tell someone else how meet singles in prescott az do it.

If you're the firm's qualified person, you might want to reconsider a few things.

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Regards By ken on 31 January, - 1: Please guys don't answer electricity questions you have no clue about you could get someone killed. Do you really think you'll get a reliable answer from faqfarm about this?

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Commercial electric is no game I have seen people grab a neutral on a and knock them out. Ground is always green. The Jefferson 30kva step up transformer lists it requires delta and makes wye. These transformers are not encased in steel like the ones in my Dynaco amps and the ones on the organ itself, so probably I need all the iron I can get to keep the hum out of the amps and preamps 2.

Some three phase systems have a high leg that will read V to ground while the other two will read V. More significant, however, is your observation about the contactor "clanging! Yes that why commercial electricians hate residential ones.

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How do you hook up three phase motor? They are a lot of voltages out there and everyone in the world thinks all they are to life is house voltage. So using, say phase A andPhase B, you would have a v, 1 phase power source.

I lost a good friend over this. I was just out in the garage a minute it's 19 deg F outside, good electronics weather fumbling around deciding whether to package these power supplies in a weird wedge shaped steel box dead W electric heateror in an elegant 2.

Regards, Phil Corso cepsicon aol. Electricity is not something to play with. I tell then just because it works do not make it right. The motor, when connected in delta should tolerate it!

I replaced the contactor and coil and get the same clanging. Easy as one,two and three. By Bob Peterson on 15 January, - 8: How do you hook up a three phase welder?

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He went to take copper and pulled the meter. Answer Judging from the values of voltage that you quote, you appear to be referring to the UK supply system.

The neutral goes to the white or green and posts to the panel. Hint - the grounding electrode conductor is the conductor that connects the grounded conductor often the neutral - but not always to whatever grounding electrodes s such as ground rods you may have.

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The cost of getting such an industrial kiln converted to run on a normal house mains Volt power supply even if conversion were possible, which is not certain would probably not make sense as it would be cheaper - and safer - to buy a secondhand kiln that was designed to run on - Volts.

By Ken ken on 26 September, - 4: So what I meant earlier is that when you look at the diagram for the V side of a standard step-down transformer that is used to get a YV output, it will show 3 line connections to X1, X2 and X3, then a 4th to X0, which is the "Wye" point, and it will show that is to be connected to ground to form a Neutral.

You could kill someone or mess something up. The Code requires that the V side be referenced to ground, OR you have to provide some rather expensive ground fault equipment. A specialist supplier of such equipment might be willing to take the 3-phase industrial kiln in part exchange.

In that case, a three-phase supply has a line voltage of V and a phase voltage of V. Depending on application, white might be missing. How do you convert v 3 phase to v single phase?

Connect the primary across the volts and your load across the volt side.

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There are four primary wires coming from you service panel. If you are connecting a true V load, you would use red, black, and ground, connecting red and black to the two "marked" or colored terminals, and ground to the green terminal as well as to the box.

Otherwise it's either the GF protection, or you have to use what's called a "corner grounded delta" configuration and for a novice, I don't recommend it. How can you hook up the 3 wires V 1 phase?

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If you put on the tap that's made for well say buy to it. You will have V Wye as a service, every V service I have ever seen is like that, because in addition to it providing V line-to-line, it is inherently V line-to-neutral, so it supplies your outlets and lighting without the need for anything else.

Probably best to hire somebody or go ask a local electrician so you don't run your motor backwards and ruin your compressor. Can a V 1 phase motor run on V 3 phase? Like how often you update your training and familiarity with the NEC.

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If you're not absolutely sure of what you are doing, get a pro to do this. The proper size fusing of this transformer can be done on the primary side of the transformer which will protect the secondary side load.

How do you run a v 3 phase motor with a v 3 phase supply? What color should the grounding electrode color be? You are connecting it to ground just to satisfy the code requirement, which is actually about some long boring safety issues that you don't really need to know here.

Who would you rather trust, the guy who thinks he knows it all and won't look it up, or the guy who knows he doesn't know and double checks? You need to look up the starting current and select wire gauge per NEC for your application and probably delayed trip over current protection.

They have no clue what an electrician is. This means that a single-phase motor with a nominalvoltage of V will operate perfectly normally when connectedbetween the line and neutral of a star wye connected Vthree-phase system.

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Where I work at many that thought they were electricians they were in a house but not with this. I think before someone should be able to buy with or say romex they should have to take a class.

How do you hook up 3 phase to a 10 hp compressor? The hammond V 1A transformer is so iron enclosed that it also has copper sheet wrapped around the E laminations, cool but unreproduceable sixties technology.

I know I don't spell well but you guys could learn this stuff it takes years to really understand this stuff and still some of it don't really make any since.