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Alex Roe Filmography

Typically these films depict some unfamiliar post apocalyptic world that always boils down to a girl choosing between two handsome boys.

He played popular swimmer Elliott Baden for all 21 episodes.

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But inhis attention quickly turned towards the silver screen when he secured a part in the action film Sniper: He continued working on the small screen over the next two years, landing guest roles on various TV shows.

Do you know the fate of your character in the book series? What was the most memorable moment from shooting? Things are, of course, not quite as they seem.

The talented star has continued his hot streak in film, as he then starred as Holt in the horror remake Ringsand then appeared in the drama Hot Summer Nights How does the finished green screen compare to what you imagined when you were shooting?

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Yet even when the world ends, the most pressing question still remains — Does he like me? Alex previously dated to actress Olivia Cooke. It was very helpful advice, because he won the role. Amidst the chaos, Cassie is separated from her younger brother Zackary Arthur and the crux of the story focuses on her attempts to track him down with the help of a mysterious stranger Alex Roe.

What was the quintessential young adult novel you read growing up? He then landed a seven-episode run on the children's sci-fi drama series The Fugitives.

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Image via Screen Gems The 5th Wave looks to 70s sci-fi paranoia — think Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Soylent Green — and filters it through the lens of your typical young-adult film.

How does your character in The 5th Wave compare to its book counterpart? Recognizing his natural talent, she approached the young lad and recommended he audition for the TV comedy series Jam and Jerusalem.

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Inat just 10 years old, Alex attended an open audition and was cast in the role of the Antichrist in the horror flick The Callingstarring Canadian actress Laura Harris. This is where actress Jennifer Saunders spotted him in the school's performance of Our Country's Good.

Berlin: ‘The 5th Wave’s’ Alex Roe to Star in Romance Drama ‘A Moment to Remember’

Alex Roe Date of Birth: His latest role is in the romantic drama Forever My Girl Meanwhile her brother and her high school crush Nick Robinson are recruited into the government resistance — which is using youngsters to help combat the alien invaders. Although he had found solid work as an actor, Alex's real dream was to become a professional soccer player.

June 18, Alex Roe is an actor who has found considerable work in television over the past five years, but has only recently begun making a name for himself on the big screen, appearing in major motion pictures such as The 5th Wave and Rings He considered going to drama school after this, but found he was getting enough work on his own.

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The following year Alex was cast in the teen drama miniseries The Cut. As ofhe resides in Los Angeles.