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Never set up too close to a body of water or the bottom of a hill, where possible flooding can occur. This is especially true for novice or less experienced campers.

Now, I keep a can opener in my truck at all times.

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Secure Your Site From Animals EnglishRussia This rule applies to camping anywhere larger animals are on the hunt for food, especially bears. It really is the heart of any camp.

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Your campfire is the hang 8 hilarious dating fails failblog spot and the place you cook your food and stay warm. I guess you could always luck out and find a random grocery cart in the woods to cook on!

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Keep your food locked away, pick up your garbage, and take extra care when you cook. A severe storm like the one in this video can be extremely dangerous. Learning from your mistakes and those of others is the best way to gain and improve these skills.

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While it might be very entertaining for onlookers, it can be very frustrating to take hours to throw up a tent. Sometimes, it is just unavoidable.

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It can make the difference between a fun trip or a disaster. Without the proper skills and knowledge, camping can quickly turn into an onslaught of mishaps.

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You might want to start having fun right away, but trust me, it will pay off later when you are ready to hit the hay. Check out this one.

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You will have a difficult time if you do not have the right utensils for the job. Knowing how to properly start and maintain a fire is an essential outdoor skill. Not only will wild animals destroy your gear and campsite, you could be put yourself in harms way.

There is nothing like heading out into nature to enjoy the surroundings, have a few drinks, hang around a fire, and just relax.

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Monitor the Weather Before Planning Your Trip Always monitor the weather while planning your trip and prior to heading out. Nothing can kill the fun or end a trip quicker than bad weather.

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I have done it and ended up having to use a hatchet to beat open cans the entire time we were camping. Posted by Alex Burton April 21, Here are a few basics to keep in mind, so you can avoid these common camping fails next time you head out into nature.

Learn how to assemble your tent before heading out to camp.