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The Fantastico default installation package as of 9 Jan installs osTicket with the default email address of support system.

This site is running Umbraco version 7. Finishing Up If the setup script has finished running aluna and george dating no errors, then congratulations osTicket is now installed.

If you don't mind working with experimental builds, you could download a nightly release at your own peril no guarantees that it will work. If you don't know how to use FTP, we would recommend 8factflirt install read the documentation supplied with your FTP client and learn 8factflirt install basics of uploading and setting permissions on files.

That said, it doesn't scale very well for sites with a large amount of content.


Follow these steps to do a full manual install of Umbraco. Please follow the instructions to finish up the installation process. Download Umbraco binaries The stable releases of the Umbraco binaries are available from our.

If you are unsure whether you have these details or if the user has sufficient permissions, please consult your host or database admin before proceeding. Check the Allow Modify permission there. Go to the "Security" tab and find the current logged in user, click the user and then the "Edit You can invoke the installer by simply browsing the osTicket URL e.

The site name can be anything you want. Alternatively you can enter the URL to it into your browser address bar e. Once you've created the database and credentials, enter those details in the install wizard after choosing the I already have a blank SQL Server database option.


We strongly recommend using IIS7. Basic knowledge of using FTP is a plus at this stage. Having Trouble We can help install and configure osTicket to your needs. From your CPanel, click on Fantastico and follow the instructions to install osTicket. WebMatrix has an additional benefit: After verifying that the installation completed correctly - your next step should be to fully configure your new support ticket system for use.

If you haven't altered your host file before you will need to make sure that your current user has write permissions to the hosts file.

The Fantastico package for osTicket may not be as up to date as the latest release available on osTicket. If the script spots any configuration errors then it will not allow you to continue until the errors are corrected.

Basic Usage

In this example we'll use MyUmbracoSite. Using Installation Script Once all of the above steps are complete, you can complete the installation and basic setup in a web browser. With a friendly forum for all your questions, a comprehensive documentation and a ton of packages from the community.

While giving broad permissions is usually fine for development environments, you may want to restrict permissions further on a public-facing server.

The hosts file typically lives in C: You will need one MySQL database with valid user, password and hostname handy during installation.

Unzip files

You can now log in with the username and password you created during the install process. Finishing off Follow the installation wizard and after a few easy steps and choices you should get a message saying the installation was a success. Please check the osTicket. On valid data the script will create and populate the database plus write a configuration file.

You will then be asked what kind of application this is, make sure to pick or create an application pool that uses ASP. Now you can unzip the file to a location of your choosing for example: You don't need to create a database in a server ahead of time and it's free. As a final step, you will need to add the MyUmbracoSite.

Moreover, don't forget to check your osTicket Dashboard page and your mail server log. Finally fill in the hostname. You shouldn't have to change the other settings.


While the installer provides step by step guide during the installation process, it's important and helpful to have general knowledge about Web servers, PHP and MySQL. If your user account can edit the hosts file, malware can do the same under your account and attempt to change the hosts file to redirect well known sites to malicious websites.

Please learn more about our professional installation services. Add a line to the hosts file that points the new hostname to the local machine: But before you get to it please take a second to cleanup. Once WebMatrix starts, just click the "Run" button to launch your site.

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Right-click the file you downloaded and choose "Properties". If everything checks out, you will be presented with a form to fill in the required information. To enable you to write to the file, right-click it and click "Properties". Uncompress the files and upload files and directories in upload folder to a directory of your choice on your server.

If you are unsure whether your server meets these requirements, please check with your host or webmaster before proceeding with the installation.

Once WebMatrix is installed, you can simply right-click the folder in which you unzipped Umbraco, choose "Open as a Web Site with Microsoft WebMatrix" from the context menu should be near the top. See permissions for more details.