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Talk to Mom b again to get money from the dresser upstairs. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. How do you beat the quest protosatorium parts? How do you beat the Treehouse's quest on McWorld?


Release the cat into the room and put it in the iguana' s cage. Go downstairs a and leave c house to find milk. Level up Class Paladin to lvl 10 and then defeat easily Zorbak with a Paladin armor and Dark defense shield. Leave b The Boogie Box entrance and go all the way down south to the south bridge.

A Knights Quest for Milk Walkthrough, Guide and Cheat

For now as of Episode 2. Click the slinky again and watch the commercial.

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How do you beat cyberchase quest 2? Go south until reach beach after finished talking with evil twin. But still haven't completed it Get the LP on the shelf and click it until it turns green, then put it on the record player. Exit north c and cross bridge to beach area under gamesfree banner.

Who do you kill to beat Saturdays quest in Adventure Quest worlds? Find the money in the sofa, Lp on the shelf, snail, and pants in the washer.


Just wear dark defense armor. When the iguana's eyes are spiral, get the coupon. How do you get the quest to beat krok on wizard? The Boogie Box entrance, Strong Frog, talk to it and wait until it blinks. West of surfer Chad, Fast Frog, chase after it until you grab it. Talk to Bouncer a to get become a woman quest.

A Knights Quest : Quest For Milk

Put the snail under the sofa and grab the slinky, then put it on the television. Talk to the ghost d and examine all 17 items in the top floor. Turn off the water and grab the hose, then put it on the moose. Go downstairs a after finished talking to Mom.

How do you beat zorbak on adventure quest? Go upstairs d to find dresser. Quest for Milk walkthrough to beat it. A very reliable source to use is RuneHQ. Its easy to kill that guy anyway.

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The best way to beat a sneak is to use magic spells because they are more accurate against it. Attempt to go further south b and they will leave. When the lava lamp is cool, grab it and plug it in next to the iguana. How do you beat the quests on spineworld? The red flower j is one of the 3 flowers you need for the Flower Girl.

The cat will knock over the plant and expose the fuse, but don't pick it up yet.

A Knights Quest for Milk Game

Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Milk go to the main menu, and stand infront of any one you see press the space bar to interact. What is a knight's quest? Attempt to leave c house. Take the pants out of the washer and put them in the microwave.

The green frog i is one of the 3 frogs you need for the Witch. You will only know the answers if you examined the objects in the top floor. Would you like to merge this question into it?

Zybez gives good information with fewer pictures and sometimes the information can be a tad confusing. MERGE exists and is an alternate of.

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Another website would be, Zybez. Go further up b north to reach entrance of The Boogie Box. When the room fills with smoke, turn on the record player again and take the iguana out of its cage and put in the box that says fragile.

Put the skateboard in your inventory and put the robot on the record player. Use light weapons and a variety of light spells.

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Talk to elissa keelhaul in lolosia. Take the cat out of the iguan's cage and follow it until it reaches the iguana, then pick up the black light and plug it in above the microwave.

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