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She was just herself. I thought I would just skim through it and be like meh but ended up watching the whole thing and even liking it!

She was chosen among some actresses who auditioned to play the role of innocent yet sensual Eun-gyo. Was this review helpful to you? Too many superficial things mattered to him while Juk Yo, well he was just a poet who loved writing, that's all.

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I didn't expect this movie to be so black and white about the moral codes. That's what drew me to her. It's as if his feelings got stolen and sold, disgraced.

I mean, it's love. I don't think Ji Woo cared about EunGyo on the emotional level, he might have been lonely, he definitely was and probably smitten by the poem too. Is she merely an object to be lecherously ogled by Lee and Ji-woo? This stands in stark contrast to the sex scene between Eun-gyo and Ji-woo, which is far less sweet and far more animalistic, as Eun-gyo lies on the bottom with Ji-woo dominating her from above.

He tried to live it but If I was him I would wonder about it too. She didn't try to please anybody. Built on a web of lies and self-deceptions the relationship between respected poet Radio the voice bulgaria online dating Jeok-yo and his assistant Seo Ji-woo has a very interesting trajectory in the movie.

He struggled to get free but he was too petty and close-minded, ambitious without the talent.

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Deeply smitten, Jeok-yo begins to write a short story about his imagined sexual relationship with the effervescent young woman. All characters are well written, lovable and hateful in their own ways. So he pours those feelings into a beautiful poem which, unfortunately, gets stolen by his student.

I mean he got old, lost his glory to Ji Woolost everything and then he realized that he wasn't even allowed to love because that would be simply wrong. The Goddess abides; and perhaps he will again have knowledge of her through his experience of another woman It was clear why Ji Woo couldn't write as beautifully as Juk Yo, because his spirit was confined within the society's norms and he wasn't able to break free.

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She met Jung in through a circle of friends and was not even aware that auditions for the film were being held. The final character in the love triangle, Eun-gyo, is the most mysterious. I'm thrilled because this novel is based on my own personal thoughts as I grew older.

Production[ edit ] The novel, which revolves around a relationship between a poet in his 70s and a year-old high school girl, had sparked heated debate as soon as it began to appear in serialized form on author Park Bum-shin 's personal blog.

I don't know, what he does is like peeing on his teacher's face after receiving all the teaching and then stealing the rest what he could. The fact that Ji-woo is a fraud is not what makes him such a tragic figure. Jeok-yo although highly respected by the academic community, is a relic, literally and figuratively.

From Ancient Greece onwards, Western culture has embraced the idea that inspiration was a divine gift doled out to those special enough to be blessed by the Muses.

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What elevates the character to tragic is that having worked so long for Lee any identity that he once had has been subsumed by his connection to him. Overall, the film has sold 1, tickets.

But I am a little bit disappointed with the screenwriting in general. Lee Jeok-yo Park Hae-il is a highly respected national poet in his 70s. I was really surprised after watching this movie because I didn't expect much.

It's a very special piece of mine, and I trusted director Jung's caliber of delving into human psychology and desire.

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He pretty much tramples Juk Yo's heart, smashes it into a miserable paddle. But instead, she only turned these two men against each other. He constantly listened to her and allowed he to do whatever she wanted while being extremely strict with Ji Woo.

His books are read and what he says becomes automatic scripture, but his guru-hood has forced the man, who wrote stories and poetry about tangible things like the seasons and human emotions, into self-imposed solitude.

There wasn't even any time for me to prepare," Kim recalled. I don't know, but I kind of feel for him. I thought that the theme would be delivered more effectively when such a role is given to an actor who is much younger.

While the poet Lee has turned into a calcified relic in the literary community his achievements were hard won. Eun-gyo is very spontaneous and is too innocent to have thought about the consequences of what she is doing, but she also has a mature side.

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I like that message the most. He gets totally swallowed by greed. She is his literal muse that awakens his passion for living and it is telling that the sex scenes between them are shot with a bright white light, the actor Park Hae-il devoid of any of his heavy make-up, and the two acting like young lovers consummating a romance.