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Ken lived on the island twenty years ago, he actually a working class lifeguard for Bart's father at that time.

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Richard Egan, Dorothy McGuire, Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee A self-made businessman rekindles a romance with a former flame while their two teenage children begin a romance of their own with drastic consequences for both couples.

Open Player Close Player. The four adults have managed to screw up their relationships, but the two very cute teenagers, played by Sandra Dee and Troy Donohue, look as if they'll get by okay if they just follow their hearts.

I have to give the film credit for depicting the utter helplessness of adults in trying to manage their children's lives.

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IMDB This movie has only one thing on its naughty little mind - sex. Bart Hunter's now deceased father was able to open the mansion for free when Bart was younger, but current owner Bart, a drunkard and weak man, must now live there year round for financial survival with his wife Sylvia and their late teen-aged son Johnny, the family who are barely able to eke out a living with the mansion now as a year-round inn which is in an extreme state of disrepair.

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Duration The Hunter family has long owned a mansion on Pine Island, a summer resort located off the Maine coast. That's because the dialogue is way over the top and the actors deliver it with relish.

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In particular, Constance Ford as Dee's evil, neurotic mom and Arthur Kennedy as Donahue's drunken sot of a dad get all the best verbal poison arrows, and some of them are quite funny sometimes unintentionally so.

And I enjoyed the costumes okay, okay, I also enjoyed what was in them.

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There are those who are getting it, those who aren't getting it but want it, and those who aren't getting it and are pretending they don't want it. The Buffalo-based Jorgensons - husband Ken Jorgenson, his wife Helen Jorgenson and their late teen-aged daughter Molly Jorgenson - have rented rooms at the inn for the summer, while Ken looks for a summer house on the island.

Ken is now a self-made millionaire as a research scientist, who had never been back The Technicolor location photography is very beautiful, with California doubling, I hear, for New England.

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Richard Egan and Dorothy McGuire as lovely as ever try to behave with stoic dignity which is hard to do when you're sneaking out to the boathouse for a midnight rendezvous and maybe a little you-know-what. At one point Dee asks Donohue straight out: One character in the latter category bandies words like "slut" and "harlot" about freely, but she didn't fool me.

Bart and Sylvia are in a quietly unhappy marriage due largely to Bart's drinking.

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I can't pretend that this is a great movie, but I had fun watching it.