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Relationship Timeline

Charli finished that interview off by saying that Jay was self-centered when they were friends. It looks like Carmen likes to sleep around, and she was reportedly going to bed with Nas while he was dating Kelis.

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So now there is the three-way love drama between Carmen, Nas, and Kelis. Rihanna has been accused of sneaking off with many famous musical men, and Jay-Z is one of them.

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Yes, this one sure free birds greek online dating a winner. It is believed that she began her romantic relationship with Jay-Z way back in Especially during the time of Aaliyah's death Damon took it extremely hard because that was his fiancee he just lost.

We mean, other than the perfect pairing of Beyonce and Jay-Z, of course.

Aaliyah & Jay Z

The two were photographed together at a night club in Las Vegas, leading to the rumors that they were sleeping together. I figured Jay gave me time to prepare. Okay, so then, where was her head? The incident occurred following a Met Gala after-party wherein the Sisters Knowles reportedly confronted Roy over her chummy relationship with Jay Z.

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Maybe not a relationship, but maybe a crush. The plane that she was going to be riding in was equipped with all of their aaliyah and jay z dating from the video which the crew didn't want to leave behind in the Bahamas.

Anyway, she and Jay-Z have been fighting off break-up rumors for the past couple of years, and now there is speculation about her second pregnancy.

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Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. This was around the time of the new millennium, and right after she split with Jay-Z, she got together with another rapper, Mack She then talked about steamier details, such as the fact that they were very good friends.

So they tried to fit all of it in the plane. Is Aaliyah dating DMX? Of course, there are suspicions that they may have hooked up in the past. He even cried on a news station when he recited a poem that he wrote for her which was used in the "I Miss You" tribute video that Missy did for her.

After hours of online vitriol, Roy posted the following message: Basically, she is set to rule the world and she has a song about that.

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They began dating in and were married in so they dated for approximately six years before getting married. Even though her and Jay both denied being a couple, there was definitely something there.

Inafter Aaliyah and R Kelly's locked tight marriage was annulled by her parents, they did actually date.

Soon after, they started the successful clothing line Rocawear.

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Mystery: The Turbulent History of Jay Z, Rachel Roy, and Damon Dash

She found success with her debut album Age Ain't Nothing but a Number, while introducing a "street but sweet" look which would become her trademark throughout her career.

At least Jay-Z is out of that. But other than all of that, they weren't together. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. The plane crashed shortly after take off at 6 p.

Was Aaliyah and Jay-Z Dating Back Then??

Who knows at this point? Many proposed that Carmen was the catalyst for the beef between Nas and Jay-Z, to which she is actually quite proud. There seems to be some dagger eyes between Bey and Free. Mya allegedly received several death threats when it was suspected that she was sleeping around with Mr.

Who is Jay Z dating right now?

She was slammed with rumors surrounding her relationship to the rapper, with many people saying that she accused Jay-Z of having gay sex what? Ginuwine has written songs about Aaliyah, though never vocally mentioning her name, magazine articles with interviews from people close to both Aaliyah and Ginuwine said that even after they ended their relationship, he still carried very strong feelings for her.

Did Jermaine dupri date Aaliyah?

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After those pics were leaked, the story continues and says that gossip and tabloid magazines started calling Cathy and asking for more information about her relations with the rapper.

During that same interview, viewers were calling in to say that they had seen Jay-Z in the hospital with Free. They even accidentally targeted the cooking show host Rachael Ray, mistaking her for Rachel Roy.