Selena Gomez Vs. Bella Hadid: We Analyze 20 Photos Of The Weeknd With His Famous GFs Selena Gomez Vs. Bella Hadid: We Analyze 20 Photos Of The Weeknd With His Famous GFs

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Bella Hadid on dating The Weeknd: He's just Abel to me

A One-Sided Conversation Via hawtcelebs. How cute is that? He had to at least try to protect those iconic dreads. It seems like Selena and Abel really enjoyed traveling together, which is generally a sign of a strong couple — after all, if you can deal with all the stresses of traveling together, you must really like each other.

According to People, both of them do like their private time, so this could account for the attitude.

It looks like they were just taking some cute vacation selfies.

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According to People, Bella is a big fan of Instagram, and she loves having control over what she posts on the app and shows to her fans, so it totally makes sense that she would want loads of selfies with her boyfriend. In this photo, it looks like Selena and Abel were totally embracing the romantic side of the winter months.

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That is definitely the look of a girl who is head over heels in love. You can clearly see why this was an issue in this photo. They are both bundled up in thick sweaters and coats, and they are clearly trying to stay toasty in the cold weather. Plus, you get to take adorable holiday photos together.

According to People, this photo was also taken at the Met Gala — yup, Abel has attended this event with Selena and Bella on separate occasions. The Vitti zamuzh za millionaire dating is reportedly spending time with his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Bella Hadid November 16, - Having any excuse to get close to each other, of course.

Looks abel and bella dating magazine they both forgot gloves — at least Abel has hit hat on!.

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According to Vogue, the couple spent some time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a nice vacation. But maybe they were not as happy together whenever they came back home after vacations. Are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back together?

We love her style choice here — she is sticking with her usual all black attire, and this button down, silky blazer looks classy and mature.

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News, this photo is also from the Lakers game at Madison Square Garden that we mentioned earlier. Well, just check out his body language here.

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After all, Bella is one of the most sought after models in the world right now — she is always busy jetting off to new countries to walk down the runway for famous designers. What makes us think that? Although we definitely miss his old hairstyle — it was so unique — we can see why it was time for a change.

She has definitely achieved that with this jacket. According to The Guardian, he said that they were getting so long that it was becoming hard for him to sleep.

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Maybe Abel is just not a huge fan of taking selfies. We love a guy who is chivalrous enough to let his girl use the umbrella. Maybe we just need to analyze a couple more photos to get to the bottom of this mystery. Just look at that gorgeous smile on her face.

According to Pop Sugar, Bella loves to combine more upscale pieces with a casual vibe, and she loves outfits that show off her natural shape while still being modest.

But could there be something else going on? It looks like Abel must have said something super funny, because she is just cracking up. But as it turns out, there are a few photos of Abel and Selena that are just as adorable.

You may have noticed that Abel actually ditched those famous dreads about two years ago.

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It seems like they were having a ton of fun together on this particular night. News that the pair are spending some time together. While Bella is smiling, he has no expression on his face at all.

I guess I got to the point where it was really kind of life or death… The thought of asking someone to do that was really difficult for me… The fact that she was a match was unbelievable, it's not real.

Bella is unfazed by The Weeknd's new album

They were both spread very thin with their schedules and had too many commitments. Once again, Abel and Bella prove that they were basically red carpet royalty when they were together.

You can just see the love in his eye. In fact, Bella looks completely blissed out. Maybe these photos from the street are not the best way to judge their whole relationship. Once again, you can see the raindrops on the lens of the camera.

"I'm dating Abel," the model said. "I don't see him as The Weeknd."

Hot chocolate by the fire, layering with flannels and sweaters for a bonfire, staying warm inside while daydreaming about sledding in the snow tomorrow Abel looks like he might be making a comment to someone else, but he also looks pretty happy.

However, whenever he is walking down the street with Selena and someone with a camera snaps a photo of them, he looks pretty sullen. In fact, you can see one of their body guards holding an umbrella behind them. We wish we could somehow find out what he was saying! She looks great in her tight leather dress — she was clearly ready for a big night out.

That was the day I came home — when I found out and she did it. They stayed for about 25 minutes before leaving together.

Are The Weeknd and Bella Hadid back together?

Getting Cute And Cozy Via tribune. Abel reached out to Bella asking to hang out and catch up, and she decided to see him and see where things go. Yolanda Hadid reveals how she keeps Bella and Gigi Hadid grounded — and that she's ready to date!

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Bella and Abel looked super happy in that first picture from this game — but are they just as happy in this photo?

A source told Us Weekly: Abel is letting her use the umbrella — so cute! Their body language will reveal everything.