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My introduction into Fierce was back in high-school and I was a junior when Fierce was released in The same goes with the spicy and citrus notes.

You can see it with a beefed up shirtless dude on it. You can smell them, but you can't taste them.

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My experience wearing Fierce again was pretty mild. One of my good friends that was known for being a womanizer invited me over to his house to hang out like we've done a bazillion times before. Anyways, let's start off by discounting some of the facts currently associated with this: Now that I'm in my 30s, wearing Fierce reminds me of those high-school days and boy do I have some great memories.

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As others have said, parts of it bear resemblance to a lush forest after a rain storm. CologneMasters Experience Wearing Fierce Just like all the fragrances Abercrombie and fitch fierce review uk dating own, I spend a few weeks wearing the fragrance personally and record my results.

You will get noticed. Mar Fragrancefrog I do not understand all the hate at the reformulation. Now there is no doubt this is correct, but it's not too musky.

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Also, the base scent of Fierce is practically used everywhere else now. I bought this in decemberand the performance are great in this one. In the opening i get a lot of citrus with a hint of musk, and then the amazing dry down happens minutes later, and turns into casual dating prix abonnement edf warm, musky and wooden scent.

The original is truly a great scent that is very sexy, masculine, and conveys youth and vigor. Why would I want some douchebag's abs on my dresser? I still wear it, and people still love it.

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne Product Review

They all smell pretty to somewhat close, but there is only one original, that that is this. This fact can't be denied by it's current popularity with the youth of the world. From initial spray to complete dry down, you'll notice it will stay pretty linear.

When people talk about what note they smell the most of, the note they talk about is musk. When I smelled it, I remembered thinking, "How the hell can this guy pick such good cologne all the time?

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You won't notice the citrus notes that you started with, but for a casual wearer, the scent will stay mostly the same unless you're constantly sniffing yourself. Apr xltl It's generic and overrated, which is fine.

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I have three 1. It packs a punch with pretty good good strength.

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne Product Review | Readable

It smells good but in large doses it smells like puke. Most kids wear it to school everyday to impress their friends and lady friends.

I get hours with 4 sprays, 3 on clothes and 1 on the neck. A year before, he introduced me to Acqua Di Gio and just like every teenager at that time, I completely fell in love with it and so did the girls I hung out with.

Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Cologne Review by CologneMasters

If you're a teenage or younger user, you may want to keep it under 3 sprays or you're going to smell like deodorizer people sprinkle over vomit. All in all I think this fragrance is STILL compliment getter, still an all-year round versatile scent, and still a great purchase.

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Fierce is also considered one of the sexiest fragrances around. If people weren't wearing Acqua Di Gio, they were spraying themselves with Fierce in-between classes. You'll also notice some woody smells lingering in the background.

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And only positive comments from girls. In my eyes, he was always on his best, dressing good, smelling good, and presenting himself to being a genuinely attractive guy.

It's a sticker so if it intimidates you, go ahead a peel it off. And then there is the sillage No unsolicited compliments and when asking my co-workers and customers how they liked it, there wasn't a lot of enthusiasm like I remembered from high-school.

Company image issues - In case you missed it, Abercrombie has continued to drop in sales since the CEO Mike Jeffries publicly said, "We want to market to cool, good-looking people.

Apr muzzle Smells great and has good performance but the bottle is cheesy as hell. The part that isn't fine is that it's generally harshly synthetic and after about an hour I detect a very off-putting salt note.

It just smells amazing. It smells so warm, sexy and relaxing.

Abercrombie and Fitch - globicate.com May 24, @ Pissed Consumer

So many fragrances around now smell like this—let's start rifling some off: If you're wearing a suit and tie, and not going to a high-school prom, there are going to be better fragrances for that environment.

I may revisit it in the future, but I don't really think I will. Don't wear it in an environment where you're dressing to impress. Honestly, I think I like the new one better, I seem to get more lemon in the opening and the performance isn't all that much different for me.

In when this fragrance came out, this was a hit.