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Yet, the potential benefits that have been reported should also encourage the ophthalmic community to continue using accommodative IOLs.

One of the main problems is that the burden of proving true accommodation has become very difficult. While the ciliary body is relaxed, the two optics are relatively close together for distance vision.

Editor who approved publication: The next generation of IOLs is bringing us closer to the goals of perfect refractive results and excellent accommodative amplitudes for patients.

Accommodating lenses can currently be classified into 3 categories: The function of the IOL suggests there is some mechanical advantage to filling the capsular bag.

Laserinterferometric assessment of pilocarpine-induced movement of an accommodating intraocular lens: The Synchrony IOL, because of its unusual design, does require additional demands on the surgeon for creating an adequately sized and well-centered capsulorhexis, complete cortex removal and rhexis polishing through the small diameter rhexis, and care with injection of the IOL into the capsular bag.

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In the study, patients were randomly assigned to receive bilateral implantation of the Synchrony 50 patients or ReStor 50 patients.

Intraocular lens movement caused by ciliary muscle contraction. Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed. The limitations of these technologies should discourage surgeons from excessively promoting or guaranteeing independence from glasses following lens implantation.

The post-op regimen also is similar to standard cataract surgery with perhaps a slightly longer treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs; although it is not yet clear if the extended use of anti-inflammatories is necessary.

It may not be comprehensible for others. The haptics separate the lenses at a given distance under constriction of the capsule, and during relaxation of the capsule following accommodative effort, anterior movement of the positive anterior optic produces increased power for near tasks.

Abbott remains committed to developing and providing the best options in accommodative, multifocal and extended depth of focus lenses.

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Refractive target was emmetropia. There were, however, reports of moderate glare by Synchrony patients at a similar rate as ReStor patients. Both of these IOLs utilize a positively powered biconvex front lens connected to a negatively powered concave-convex lens.

As the Tetraflex moves anteriorly with vitreous pressure, higher-order aberrations develop that augment near acuity. The new IOLs in the pipeline may finally make spectacles after cataract surgery unnecessary. The dual-optic Synchrony accommodating IOL.

Clinical performance of a new aspheric dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens

During accommodative effort, the ring haptics are brought together resulting in a forward axial movement of the optic with a resultant increase in the functional power of the lens. The dual-optic design yields a power that is equivalent to that of a standard IOL.

What were statistically significant, however, were the distance-corrected and intermediate visual acuities. During accommodative effort, the 2 lens components increase their distance from each other, resulting in increased effective power of the overall lens.

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The Light Adjustable Lens corrects up to 2. Image courtesy NuLens Figure 6. To describe the clinical performance of a new dual-optic intraocular lens IOL with an enhanced optic profile designed to mimic natural accommodation. Reviewing the results We now have a number of patients around the world who are three years out from surgery.

What is in development? A peek into the pipeline.

The new aspheric Synchrony Vu accommodating IOL provided good visual performance at a range of distances without affecting quality of vision and with minimal safety considerations.

Find out if you are a candidate by calling or emailing today! Long-term capsule clarity always is a concern with IOLs, but after three years of follow-up, we now know that Nd: Prospective multicenter clinical study with the new dual-optic aspheric accommodating IOL Synchrony Vu in 74 patients eyes undergoing cataract surgery.

The Tecnis Multifocal IOL is made of an acrylic material with chromatic aberration, which is better than that of the crystalline lens.

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The mechanism of accommodation is similar to that of the Crystalens, which moves anteriorly when the zonule relaxes with accommodative effort and thus increases its effective power and reduces myopia Figure 3. Time to contact our congress-critters, even though they may be more broken than the FDA process.

Pilocarpine induced shift of an accommodating intraocular lens: The lens has been implanted in primates with encouraging results and is currently undergoing laboratory research and refinement before human studies are initiated.