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The peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea is unlikely to succeed accommodating party definition legal the parties remain unwilling to move forward and be accommodating. Certificates of insurance or policies, payable to the respective parties as their interest may appear, shall be deposited with Porter Capital who is authorized, but under no duty, to obtain such insurance upon the failure of the Company or Accommodation Party to do so.

The barriers to growth accommodating party definition legal the past were an unholy alliance among oligarchic interests and political parties, scandalous procurement, clientelism, the permanently broken media, overly accommodating banks, weak tax authorities, and a weighed-down, fearful judiciary.

Based on 1 documents Examples of Accommodation Party in a sentence However, notwithstanding any such assignment, Secured Party shall be liable to the Accommodation Party and Debtor as if such assignment had not been made.

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It also welcomes initiatives aimed at accommodating the concerns of all the political parties, including those which have yet trukach online dating register for participation in the electoral process. They come from many sources and are not checked.

Company and Accommodation Party hereby appoints Porter Capital its attorney-in-fact in obtaining, adjusting and canceling any such insurance and endorsing settlement drafts and hereby assigns to Porter Capital all sums which may become payable under such insurance, including return premiums and dividends, as additional security for the Obligations.

I once again urge all parties to be accommodating of the exhumation requirements of the Committee throughout the island. Common crawl 8 halls, which accommodate parties of 10 to people, make it the perfect choice for events of all kinds.

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Found sentences matching phrase "Accommodating party". EurLex-2 Recital 4 sets out the policy of the Community authorities, which is against opening a further inquiry at a late stage of proceedings in order to accommodate parties who have earlier refused to participate in the normal course of proceedings according to the scheme laid down in the Basic Regulation.

In addition, with regard to "accommodating blocks", the letter invited the State party to asra yojna online dating the Committee apprised of any efforts to improve the treatment of prisoners.

If the company does not consider the person a good credit risk one who will be able to repay the loanit will request that someone else sign the note to ensure that the company will be repaid. China hopes that all parties will, in the spirit of seeking common ground while setting their differences aside and accommodating each other's concerns, try to achieve certain results in the current cycle of deliberations.

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If an accommodation party repays the debt, he or she can seek reimbursement from the accommodated party.

A person wanting to obtain a car loan, for example, may offer a finance company a promissory note for the amount of the requested loan, promising to repay the amount over a number of years.

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Link to this page: Concerning the expression of the maximum guarantee amount in terms of Special Drawing Rights with a view to accommodating fluctuations in exchange rates, the Working Party decided to revert to this issue at a later stage.

The Company and Accommodation Party hereby irrevocably appoints Porter Capital as its attorney-in-fact in connection with the Collateral and to execute and file on its behalf any financing statements, or other statements in connection therewith with the appropriate public office.

Found in 22 ms. Both parties agree that they will sign mutual releases on the termination of this Agreement and the satisfaction of all debt and obligations by the Company to Porter Capital; and that providing the debt and all obligations to Porter have been paid in full, Porter will promptly sign UCC termination statements reasonably necessary for the Company's and for each Accommodation Party's use.

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Giga-fren My reading of the literature on electoral democracy and on the debate over electoral systems has led me to formulate the following criteria for assessing existing and proposed systems: A multi-party Parliamentary Select Committee is currently considering this issue with a view to accommodating contemporary concerns regarding the Constitutional Council.

A better balance between reducing the time for the entry into force of an amendment to Annex B, and accommodating Parties' different domestic treaty action arrangements should be sought. Giga-fren Three sites can accommodate parties of up to 10 people. Tell a friend about usadd a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.

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The accommodation party is liable for the amount specified on the accommodation paper. An accommodation party is liable to the person or business that extended credit to theaccommodation party, but not to the accommodated party.

Check translations in other languages: Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Related to accommodation party: Common crawl We are happy to accommodate parties for a lunch on board, on a round trip to greener areas.

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UN-2 The Protocol also had a history, they stressed, of accommodating parties with particular needs; under the essential-use exemption process, for example, ozone-depleting substances that had been phased out for most uses could still be used by parties for other uses deemed essential.

While increased access to a fenced military area in the north is a positive development which I welcome, I once again urge all parties to be more accommodating of the Committee's exhumation requirements throughout the entire island.

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Common crawl In a backdrop of 2 hectares of grounds, work efficiently in our 5 meeting rooms, including 2 accommodating parties of up tothen relax: It is our belief that with fair and efficient leadership and a spirit of fully accommodating the legitimate concerns of all negotiating parties we will be able to achieve the conclusion and signing of the CTBT within this year.

Accommodation Party Definition of Accommodation Party Accommodation Party means individually and collectively any Guarantor and any Subsidiary or other third party Person that is a grantor, trustor or transferor of a lien or security interest in property under any Loan Document.

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Display more examples Results: Such a person may be an accommodation endorser, because he or she endorses the note after it has been completed, or an accommodation maker, because he or she must sign the note with the accommodation party. To that end, we urge all parties in Syria to demonstrate political will, enhance mutual understanding, exercise restraint and commit to seeking common ground in accommodating their differences.

Suggest an example Other results Another view was expressed that separate hearings could be unavoidable in accommodating parties' and arbitral tribunal's schedules, and that it would thus be useful to retain that paragraph.