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Moreover, he has also worked on the following publications: From that time on, until halfway through the seventies, independent theatre would conceive aesthetically innovative and politically relevant performances to reach different audiences.

Modes of forming collective, militant audiences and even a new political status of merchandise prove that we are some way from the scenographic role official theatres allocate to fine arts.

November 19, - 7: He has also written El premio Lope de Vega. Moreover, he is a guest lecturer in the M. Screening of the documentary Independent Theatre in Andalusia.

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Historia y desarrollo The Lope de Vega Award. Actor and theatre director. November 20, - 7: He has developed an important body of work in theory and analysis through his publications and lectures at numerous universities and institutions.

November 25, - 7: November 21, - Flirtsha commerce is author of La escena constituyente.

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The propaganda system drawn up during the Spanish Civil War would be kept alive, with changes that were more superficial than real, until The pressing desire for independence that drove these playwrights and stage designers cannot be understood without the cultural and political climate they felt suffocated by in a dictatorship that stretched out its tentacles to reach the furthest corners of public and private space.

Touring and exhibitions of work in non-theatre spaces, as well as explorations of the possibilities of collective creation and the exposure of ideas in other artistic languages and traditions, would become the distinguishing features of the formations that opposed the poetics and ideology of run-of-the-mill, anachronistic commercial theatre in a society that demanded sweeping changes to structures and relations.

Actor, stage designer, and a leading figure in independent theatre in Spain. Theatre, socially engaged art par excellence, would address this lack of freedom by developing allegories, and by means of different expressive mechanisms enabling it to seep through the cracks of a highly rigid system lacking its own cultural project, prevailing more through the new audiences that surfaced than through traditional ones.

Approaches to Independent Theatre in Spain Despite the unstable and perilous road it travelled down, independent theatre transformed numerous aspects of the stage in Spain, and was preceded by the considerable impetus of university theatre in the late fifties and early sixties, coming into being when the latter started to see its possibilities cut short.

November 27, - 7: November 23, - 7: From to he co-directed the Teatre Lliure and in he joined the Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao as artistic advisor. He has written articles for Spanish and international magazines, and is the author of numerous chapters in books on collective works.

November 26, - 7: Cristina Santolaria Diverse researchers specialised in the theatre staging from this period will discuss its context in history, the role of political militancy in its development, and its mythologies and legacy.

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What remains today from independent theatre? Sinceand for the second time, he has been director of Teatre Lliure. Installations, happenings and guerrilla theatre are tools shared by artists from different spheres, and, to some degree, it is on the fringes of the history of independent theatre where the project was realised.