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If the player gets the 'Tell the truth' card, he or she gives an honest opinion. This activity can also be done in small groups and other expressions for giving opinions can be used, e.

The students are divided into pairs and each pair is given a copy of the worksheet. Players take it in turns to pick up a card from the pile and place it face up on the desk for everyone to see. The student then guesses who the card belongs to. Each student is then given a corresponding 'for' or 'against' worksheet.

Each card contains the name of a famous person or thing. When everyone has finished, each group tells the class who double your dating pick up lines the most convincing arguments and why.

Each student completes that numbered card with their opinion on the topic. If they guess incorrectly, the player wins two points. Afterwards, pairs present their list of items to the class.

The next player then picks up a card from the pile and so on. The process is then repeated with a new statement and so on. Working alone, students rank 15 ways to improve their English 1 is the most useful and 15 is the least useful.

My Opinion ESL Reading, Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 50 minutes In this intriguing discussion activity, students give opinions on controversial statements and then try to persuade students with differing opinions to change their minds.

ESL Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 minutes In this useful worksheet activity, students ask for and give opinions on school subjects. The opinion cards show how much a student agrees or disagrees with a statement, e. When all the pairs have presented, the class agrees on and comes up with a list together.

In their groups, students write their debate topic at the top of the worksheet and prepare their 'for' or 'against' argument. Each group is given a set of cards. One student begins by taking the top card and laying it on the table for both students to see.

These cards are shuffled and placed face down on the desk. Afterwards, the second student chooses a numbered card and controversial issue and so on.

Explain Yourself ESL Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 35 minutes In this group discussion activity, students practice giving opinions and asking embedded questions to gain more information. Afterwards, there is a class feedback session to find out which statements caused the greatest argument and to see who was the most persuasive.

When the pairs have finished, they check each other's sentences for errors. If the students guess correctly, they each win one point.

The groups then present their findings to the class. The students are then divided into groups of four, comprising of two 'for' students and two 'against' students.

All the students stand up and the teacher reads a statement to the class, e. The students are then divided into groups of four and each student is given a set of numbered opinion cards.

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When the students have finished, there is a class feedback session to find out which topics caused the most debate and who gave the most convincing arguments.

The students in the same corner discuss why they chose that opinion and then report their reasons back to the class. The student then gives their opinion about the topic on the card by making a complete sentence from the prompt, e.

The students then prioritize the items and come up with a list of things to take with them on their holiday. ESL Listening and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 35 minutes In this fun group activity, students play a guessing game where they give true or false opinions about famous people or things.

Afterwards, the students work with a new partner and compare their combined rankings, discussing any similarities or differences. The student with the most points at the end of the game wins. After that, the pairs join together to make groups of six.

The first student picks up a card and reads out the opinion.

After the writer of the card has been correctly identified or the first student reads out his or her own card, the group members use embedded questions to ask the writer to explain a little more about their opinion and feeling on the issue.

It's Debatable ESL Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 40 minutes In this lively teaching activity, students participate in a debate to help them practice expressions for giving opinions and disagreeing. Each student then chooses an opinion card to show how much they agree or disagree with the statement and places it in front of them.

The pairs then come up with a combined ranking.

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Each group is given a set of controversial statements and each student is given a set of opinion cards. The combined items should be no more than six kilograms in weight.

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Finally, students present their partner's opinions to the class and feedback is given. The students then take it in turns to ask the questions to their partner and note down the answers in the last column of the worksheet.

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A sign is placed in each corner of the classroom strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree. The first student takes the top statement from the pile and reads it aloud to the group. The statements from the worksheet are written on the board and the students decide if they want to argue for or against, half the students should argue for and half against.

If the students have opposing views, they have a brief debate on the issue.

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On each card is a topic with three possible opinions. Students split the cards in half and create a fourth opinion for each topic. Students then ask their partner the questions on the worksheet and write sentences about their partner's opinions, e.