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In the statement, Leslie said she felt addicted to the drug - which she had been using for a year - and could not enjoy parties without it.

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In August Leslie broke up with long-time boyfriend Scott Sutton, who had supported her throughout the Bali trial She told the publication: I know, more than many, that life is never straightforward and can be at times incredibly painful. The Daily Telegraph reported at the adam zammit dating that she had moved out of their Rose Bay home and that she was now dating Zammit.

Following her return to Australia Leslie attempted to get her life back on track and by April appeared at Australia Fashion Week, modelling swimwear for designer Michael Azzollini. Leslie's case hit the headlines after a spate Australian's being charged with drugs offences in Bali including Schappelle Corby and the Bali Nine During adam zammit dating incarceration Leslie converted to Islam and began wearing Islamic dress, however a spokesman at the time said she had already converted to the Islamic faith prior to her arrest.

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She told Bali police that she was addicted to drugs and revealed she had seen a doctor in Australia about her problem Her short term in prison came after she was able to prove she was addicted to prescription medication. He said some of their time spent together had been 'challenging' Split: The model returned to the catwalk in after being released from a Bali jail for possessing two ecstasy pills Leslie made headlines when she was arrested in Bali in after police discovered two ecstasy pills in her Gucci purse while she partied at an open air event.

In August Leslie had broken up with long-time boyfriend Scott Sutton, the heir to the Sutton's Holden empire — who had supported her throughout the Bali trial. Michelle and Adam seen here at a memorial service for British born Sydney based photographer Peter Carrette inworked together before they married Beauty: Early on in the case, The Age reported that in a signed statement of an interview seen by them, Leslie has admitted taking ecstasy on the afternoon before she was arrested entering a Bali dance party and that she planned to take one of the two tablets she was carrying.

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Zammit decided to release the news of their split on Twitter Public: It added that at some later stage she had come to him and expressed a concern that she may have become addicted to the drug Ritalin. Because she had spent three months in custody, she was freed from Kerobokan prison following the trial And her love life has always remained in the public eye.

My decision was not easy and has filled me with sadness.

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Her case even led the Federal Government to contact Australians in Indonesia, warning them that: Leslie was released after her she was able to provide a doctor's report Leslie was sentenced to just three months in prison, however, because of the three months Leslie had already spent in custody, she was then freed from Kerobokan prison.

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Leslie, her lawyers and advisers said she did not take ecstasy, that she did not know what the pills found in her bag were, that a friend had slipped them in her bag, and that they were substitutes for Ritalin. Back in Schapelle Corby was convicted for the importation of cannabis into Bali.

The Adelaide-born model served three months in prison after facing up to 15 years, the maximum penalty for drug possession.