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AEG Washer LAVAMAT 64850L

Removing Stains, Detergents And Additives Helpful hints and tips Removing stains Stubborn stains may not be removed by just water and detergent. It is therefore advisable to treat them prior to washing. The duration is calculated automatically on the basis of the maximum recommended load for each type of fabric.

The DOOR pilot light You must hear a click during closing. Compartment for powder or liquid detergent used for main wash. The programme selector determines the type of washing cycle e. Turn the programme selector dial to the required programme.

AEG Lavamat 6661EX manual

To refer to this manual any time you need to, we recommend you to keep it in a safe place. Table Of Contents Contents Thank you for choosing one of our high-quality products. Quantity Of Detergent To Be Used, Degrees Of Water Hardness, Washing Programmes Washing programmes Quantity of detergent to be used The type and quantity of detergent will depend on the type of fabric, load size, degree of soiling and hardness of the water used.

For dried stains, soak overnight in water with a special detergent then rub in the soap and water.

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To ac- tivate this device, rotate the button without pressing it inside the door clockwise until the groove is horizontal. To ensure optimal and regular performance of your appliance please read this instruction manual carefully. The wash programme can be delayed from 30 min - 60 min - 90 min, 2 hours and then by 1 hour up to a maximum of 20 hours by means of this button.

Close firmly the door. The prewash detergent is added at the beginning of the wash programme. However, as manufacturers, we feel it is our duty to provide the following safety notes.

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If the door remains locked - the pilot light When they are pressed again, the pilot lights go out. Open the door by carefully pulling the door handle outwards. Use less detergent if: To prevent children or pets becoming trapped inside the drum the ma- chine incorporates a special feature.

Serious damage can occur to the product and to property if this is not adhered to. When the pilot light If in doubt, do not use it and contact the Service Centre.

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Duration of selected programme: If an incorrect option is selected, the in yellow pilot light of the button 8 blinks for 3 times and the Err message appears on the display for some seconds.

After selecting a programme, the duration is displayed in hours and minutes for example 2. If the pilot light Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a time, shaking them out as much as possible.

It will enable you to navigate all processes perfectly and most efficiently. Interrupting A Programme, Cancelling A Programme Daily use You must select this option after you have set the programme and before you press the button 8.