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A song is an artistic expression, just like a book or novel is: Cultivated plants from South America and the Caribbean.

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A published article discussing the importance would be perfect. Indians from South America. Por el camino recibe afluentes que hacen aumentar su caudal.

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Descubrimiento de las fuentes del Orinoco. And neither is your incessant editing of the same helping anybody. The Geographical Journal, vol. Informe sobre el alto, central y bajo Orinoco en But as the claim is not relevant to the hydrology, I think that it is better to have the map than not.

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I think there are some editions of these books in english. It did says that "it might be interesting", but it did not say how, nor did it relate it to the river. Fed by several river tributariesthe Congo is navigable along most of its length.

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Von Tropischen Tieflande zum ewigen Schnee. Venezuela nach den Forschungen von W. Please do not modify it.

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The song or album should link to the place, not vice versa. Its too bad you cannot see them asking questions about two topics that may not have a seamless link to each other incl. I think it's better to have a biased map than none at all, but shouldn't there be disclaimer in English, in the caption perhaps?

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You can break it up into tributaries that end up somewhere else, and it would still be the Charles River. With maps and photographs by the Author. Get with it guys - this is where people expecting Enya end up.

The song Orinoco Flow is so famous it's probably much more famous than the river itself and there is absolutely no need for a reliable source considering the combination of the facts that it's firstly a trivia and secondly there are so many obvious references to the river itself both in lyrics, music video and interviews.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Documento de Trabajo, Caracas: Del Roraima al Orinoco Fauna of the Venezuelan Llanos.

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However, the name of the London Orinoco Studio was named after the Orinoco river. Also just curious but did you even read my above reply before posting yours become you're asking the same question i replied to already?? Schilderung einer Naturwissenschaftlichen Reise nach Venezuela.

Items of trivia do not help you understand the subject because that is what the main article is for. However, it is not irrelevant that the dispute is between an English-speaking country Guyana and a Spanish-speaking one.

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Recoltes en par M. Please state the relevance of Enya's song to the article. Comercio desde hasta Deep Space Nine was named after the Orinoco river.