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Outside, a reporter asks her senior the reason for such a fuss. He brought over a big change to the crime filled city and slowly eradicated all signs of criminal activity.

On the request of the people, Compositum latino dating writes the civil service exam and is reposted as ACP. During this while a reporter Priya Urvashi Rautela falls in love with Airavata, and is later shown to be the girl Airavata had saved previously from an accident, hence the reason for love.

The court declares Airavata innocent and sends him back to his village.

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The film ends with Airavata and a child Vineesh Darshan saluting towards the screen. He brings up new rules that serve the public without consulting higher officials and does these through his own money.

His sister Charu Sindhu Lokanath gets raped by their workers when she goes to plough the fields. These rules cause huge losses to several criminals, mostly to Prathap Kale Prakash Raj who immediately calls upon an enmity with Airavata.

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Airavata was a farmer who had gone to Bangalore to solve the problems of a few farmers. During the preparations for a government event, Airavata is arrested by the force and is revealed to be a bogus officer. Their friend Prakasa Bullet Prakash kills the inspector and is shot dead in the process.

The reporter is curious of what will be Airavata's next move.

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Airavata vows revenge and when Karnataka police gives a job opening in Bangalore, Airavata gets himself posted there by wrong means. Airavata arrives in the nook of time and saves them and kills Prathap Kale. At a felicitation ceremony, he submits his resignation form, saying that should crime rise again, then he will join the force once more.

He reveals his story during an open court session.

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A corrupt cop refused to take the family's complaint which results in Charu's suicide. Towards the end, Prathap Kale kidnaps each and every police officer's daughters along with Priya intending to sell them abroad. Plot[ edit ] The film opens with the chief minister and IG of Karnataka coming to the house of Vitta Gowda Ananth Nag to request him to send his grandson Airavata Darshan to duty as soon as possible.

Now the story comes back to the present.

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He agrees but with certain reasonable conditions. The senior explains the story.

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Airavata slowly begins to take down Prathap Kale's empire once more. Despite this, Airavata does not reciprocate her feelings. He also accepts Priya's love.

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