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Also songs are randomly missing and some are cut off, like half the song plays.

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Or let's say I want to add just a video after syncing my music, you can't do it. Reviewed by Cellsea User This used to be my favorite app You are better off doing it manually Reviewed by Cellsea User Not Impressed I purchased this after having little success with airplay on other android offerings.

Second after selecting my music that I want I'll go to work and when I come back home bam it automatically syncs to my computer erasing everything I put on it. Frustrating app that I just put up with as it's the only one that consistently works albeit in a kind of 'gets there in the end so long as the wind is in the right direction and you stand on one leg' kind of way I now use DT exclusively for Podcasting.

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If that wasn't bad enough, every time I sync, Double Twist deletes songs and I get an error report informing me that there are problems between farmers dating commercial 2018 files on my iTunes library on my PC and the ones within the Double Twist app on my Galaxy Tab 4, which is where I am trying to put my music.

Also, when you are syncing the symbol comes up on my Xperia Z saying 'sync in progress' and then after a while it will disappear and my phone will go to sleep, and the sync bombs out.

They are in the file on my SD card but not in the app. Really liked that you dont have to open the app on your device to sync, just select the playlist from you pc, and done.

I have 3 play lists in my iTunes library, I now have 9 in Double Twist Reviewed by Cellsea User Can't believe this is supposedly the best. Reviewed by Cellsea User Did not sync all my music?? They only become unwatchable when I stream them to the Xbox and try to watch then on my TV.

Reviewed by Cellsea User Can't handle large files. Never works flawlessly from one sync to the next, regularly have to force an airsync connection, and have to restart the PC program to refresh itself otherwise it never sees your iTunes changes, and it messes up my logical playlist hierarchy on the phone into just alphabetical ones, horrid.

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But are some Pro's and Con's as there is on any app so I'll keep this short, so i'll start with the good. You have to purchase a Pro Version after you buy this app if you want all the features!!! Better than not at all which happens in so many airplay apps that I have tried.

It's still the best Android podcast tool out there.

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Other apps like Syncr don't do that which is a bit of a bug for me. The issue is that next time it syncs, it tries to do all the files again all 55GB of my library.

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But this app is probably the worst thing on the play store. Airsync tells me on the desktop app that I have Well brace yourself, because doubleTwist has just gone wireless with its latest update, introducing a feature called AirSync which allows Android users to keep their media collection simpatico sans cabling.

I have 3 express routers all detected perfectly in itunes but these each show up twice sometimes. Now for the bad. Besides those, it works as advertised, without much fuss, and speedily enough a second or two per song.

If I had not lost my iPod, I would be fine. The app launches, playlists are pulled in and phone and iMac are joined. My main 2 gripes: App is a pain, be careful if you have songs previously stored on your phone, t h e first time I synced it duplicated most of my library, I thought it would just add the new songs?

Reviewed by Cellsea User A life saver! Firstly, you'll probably want to just start fresh with syncing your collection -- we made the mistake of trying to pick up where we'd left off and accidentally wiped the content stored on the phone.

Forced to use Wi-Fi, which is very slow.

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The sync interface is familiar and modelled after iTunes', so you can choose individual playlists to sync. I think I will stick with apple and itunes. It erases everything then adds whatever. Several songs did not get added.

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Selecting the playlists to sync and starting the process seems to work, unfortunately, on completion they are not shown on the doubletwist app. Syncing can also be pretty slow depending on your connection -- really slow if you've got a big collection.

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Got my device to sync OK. And you have to DL their music player as well but you dont have to use itwhich has problems with playing some Apple Loseless files.

My second mistake was buying this app -- i had to buy it, double twist doesn't work with the nexus 5. It does what it should but it comes along with many bugs.

Reviewed by Cellsea User Way too many bugs. This is the only paid for app I have bought on android and I am not going to buy any more.

Share Save Been looking for the perfect thing to boast to your iPhone-owning friends about? I paid to get the airsync upgrade but have lost all my album artwork.

BUT now the movies and shows I try to stream are always choppy. This pile of poo isn't worth it. There must be a play list gnome within the app like the little man who lives in the refrigerator who turns the light on and off.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Wasted my money and the developers don't bother responding to questions. I now have airplay working but seem to get duplicate airport router entries.

So in over a year I have never managed to finish a full sync.

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Just got some bugs to take care of, and it will be perfect. Reviewed by Cellsea User With the recent update I am not able to use airsync with my mac and my device won't even show up if I plug it into the computer Reviewed by Cellsea User The Good and The Bad First off, this app does what it says it does, and its pretty simple to use after you read some "How-to's" on their Site.

The new app for PC and Mac boxes couples with its Android counterpart along with a new AirSync component and lets you do most of your management without needing a wire between your phone and computer.

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For the most part the app is good, not great, but good. I downloaded it under the impression I was able to stream movies from my galaxy s5 to apple tv and I keep getting error messages, and it's for more then one movie I'm trying to play.