AKA and Bonang's date nearly shuts down the internet! | Channel24 AKA and Bonang's date nearly shuts down the internet! | Channel24

Aka and bonang dating, subscription confirmation

All the while, we're just sat here wondering why AKA doesn't just show us Bonang's face.

AKA and Bonang Matheba Deny DJ Zinhle’s Cheating Allegations

We feel you, girl. The pair were at it again on Monday, with AKA posted this snap of himself and his queen on Instagram next to the caption "Kevin Hart show.

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True to form, they drew all kinds of conclusion using AKA's clothes, Bonang's hair and even the angle in which they took their respective Instagram videos to show that the couple were at the show together. Johannesburg - While many of us were spending Monday night depressed at the thought of returning to work on Tuesday morning, AKA was having the time of his life at the Kevin Hart concert in Johannesburg.

That's my life lesson!

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It's verbal jint dating several months since Bonang and rapper AKA split and sis has shared some of the tips she learnt about dating famous people and dealing with heartache. You see, the "Super Mega" was on a date with his bae who we all know is Bonang!

Queen B has slowly become more open about her former relationship with AKA and told True Love magazine some of the struggles that come with dating someone who is a star.

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Opening up about heartbreak, she said that no amount of fame could stop you from breaking down when love leaves the door. Bonang spills the tea on dating famous men and heartbreak 30 May - Perhaps they are waiting on a magazine cover reveal?

But you didn't think he would be going alone, did you?

But don't lose sleep over B. Sis told TshisaLIVE not too long ago that she had moved on and was loving life, while travelling across the country and overseas for projects.

The pair have all but confirmed their romance, with little trips to Mozambique and even LA more on that herebut have always kept fans guessing with cryptic posts. You can be a superstar, have all the money in the world and grace the cover of True Love, but your heart will be broken.

I love seeing new people and being in new places, but South Africa is always home. We all know what it looks like, you know! You reach rock bottom and it forces you to get up and pull yourself together," she told True Love.

It's not just the two of you in that relationship but the prying eyes of fans and the public at large.

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How you react to heartbreak builds your character and will strengthen you. Bonang recently told viewers on her reality show that she cried for days after her split from AKA.