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Uno dei suonatori muore congelato mentre sta provando di fuori, ma decidono di portarlo egualmente con loro in America. They take two single rooms in a hotel, but he helps her open the cash box. Irma is devastated at the news that he has a wife.

The police need to write a report. A cashier, who looks as dull and lonely as him, takes care of his arm. When he gets back home, she serves him dinner and watches him eat.

A Frank steals a limo with get link upfile online dating politician inside. The sullen and rigid protagonist is exploited by all forms of power: The stranger cooks for Irma, who is clearly lonely.

They get off at a subway station the hijacker is shot dead by a guard and smokes a last cigarette before dying, while the others abandon him, more or less indifferent.

Taisto is condemned to two years in jail, but he and his cellmate, an odd murderer called Mikkonen, plan to escape. Non possono permettersi lussi, ma vanno d'accordo e si accontentano.

Henri continues the investigation but shows no desire to find Marcel and the boy. All the Franks including the dead ones get on stage and sing a punk anthem.

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Marcel is afraid, but it turns out that the inspector is not interested in arresting the boy but in warning Marcel that one of his neighbors has called the police.

Two punks rob him when he stops to get some food. In order to do so, they plan to rob a bank, and promise half of the loot to the gangsters who help them get a car and a gun and passports for the trip. Then the couple picks up the child and boards the ship, whose destination is Mexico.

Before becoming a director, a simple Finnish guy tried many professions - from the postman and dishwasher, finishing a film critic.

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In the evening she irons her clothes while her parents watch the new this time the Polish Pope kissing the floor of the 80th country visited in his life, besids more of the Chinese protests.

The Frank who speaks like an American is shot dead by gangsters in a fast-food joint. Meanwhile, we learn that Mirja, the blonde, works for a gangster who has a deal with Russian gangsters to carry out a heist in the shopping mall. His warm attention for the small events of the soul of these ordinary people of the middle class is reminiscent of the Italian comedy of the s; while the almost demonic humor leans towards the farcical and the slapstick.

The cherry tree is blossoming and she starts cooking. He doesn't have time to offer food to the boy because the inspector shows up.

Location is everything and Castagni B&B has it all.

Nikander gets hurt while fixing his car and walks into a supermarket while still bleeding. She finds a new job, working in a department store, but her boss doesn't like the garbage man who comes to talk to her she is ashamed of Nikander and pretends it is just a cousin. Imprisoned, he is soon released for lack of evidence.

Idrissa shines shoes in the subway: Taisto shoots them and takes the mortally wounded Mikkonen with him. The suicidal Frank and another one steal a boat to go to Estonia and, after fighting for it, take off together in the sea.

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His parents treat him formally, but he doesn't seem interested in their company, annoyed that he has to wait for Iris to get ready. Finally one day he talks. Rimane per una settimana lontano da casa, per non farsi vedere insanguinato.

A blonde picks up a Frank. To keep him in the dark about her cancer, Arletty tells Marcel that he has to stop visit him because of medical reasons.

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He doesn't cause much damage because the thugs who protect the gangster catch him and beat him up before his knife can reach the boss. It turns out that the punks have beaten many of the bums before. Un muto calvo vorrebbe seguirli ma lo bastonano. The taxi driver takes them to a bar and gives them drinks and cigarettes, even if they don't pay him.

And therefore accepts everything with resignation. His debut as a director was an adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment The taxi driver is now begging for money because someone stole his taxi.

Later he goes to bed while she irons his pants and even shines his shoes. Marcel, the shoeshiner, comments that luckily the man had time to pay for the shoeshining.

All'improvviso si ritrova fra i disoccupati in una nazione in cui non ci sono posti di lavoro.

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An old man nods at a child and the child runs away before the police can stop him. Koistinen, a security guard who works the night shift in a shopping mall, and is clearly annoyed with the dehumanizing bureaucracy enforced by his superiors, tries to talk to a woman in a bar but backs down when a bigger man confronts him.

She begs him not to tell her husband. He can't fill the form because he does't remember his name and the bureaucrats don't believe his story. Il Frank che aveva tentato il suicidio si reca dallo psicologo, il quale lo consiglia di suicidarsi.

She writes on a piece of paper her work phone number for him and learn that her name is Iris. The following day the inspector talks to Marcel.

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The date goes horribly wrong because he coldly tells her that he has no intention of having a real relationship. The old man bends and starts shining his shoes. Her "father" only visits her at the hospital to tell her that they are ashamed of her and want her to move out. Except that it is not his birthday at all: The hostel kicks him out because he can't pay rent.

S'incamminano per prati innevati portando la bara e i loro strumenti. Meanwhile the police post a note around town with his picture, asking if anyone can identify him. She visits her parents late at night.