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We respected the guidelines of our treaty to the letter. The relevant obligations under international humanitarian law should be scrupulously observed by all countries. Hemos seguido al pie de la letra nuestro Reglamento. Display more examples Results: I remain devoted to our little plan.

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Hemos respetado las directivas de nuestro acuerdo, al pie de la letra. This agreement follows the concepts proposed in our communication to the letter. IFRS considered appropriate to the local environment are adopted verbatim.

If you continue the treatment calmly Suggest an example Other results Esta manera de presentar el funcionamiento de la Directiva no debe tomarse al pie de la letra.

Our agents execute orders to the letter.

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Follow dosage instructions to the letter. No delimitation decision of any boundary can be implemented literallywithout adjustment. Por favor imprima estas instrucciones y siga los procedimientos al pie de la letra. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

Para ello sigue al pie de la letra las definiciones de Marpol.

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We have followed our Rules of Procedure to the letter. The directive does not lay down any obligation, so the Memcially those that Member States have identified as being of particular interest. The three budgetary authorities are asked to take this message literally. The received testimonies corroborated each other almost verbatim.

To the letter of these orders.

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To boil this paste you must follow exactly the manufacturer's recommendations. Our reports are showing up in your paper almost verbatim.

In this it is following Marpol definitions to the letter. Instamos a las tres autoridades presupuestarias a que se tomen este mensaje al pie de la letra.

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The claim cannot be verified and should not necessarily be accepted at face value. Siempre que se siga Please print out these instructions and follow the procedures exactly. Nuestros informes salen en el Post casi al pie de la letra. Para hervir la pasta es imprescindible seguir al pie de la letra los consejos del fabricante.

The legislation had been strictly applied.