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I had a strong passion for music and sports and at one time dreamt about being a professional athlete. Davido won it after a strong run in the past year and a half, how do you see the award and its impact evolving in the coming years?

The media alex okosi dating is evolving. He spearheaded the launch of other localized Viacom brands in Africa encompassing Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

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As a result, MTV base is now accessible to over million viewers across Africa via a combination of Pay-TV and terrestrial partner stations. One was to create a model for generating quality video content from a continent which at the time was plagued by poor quality productions.

I will definitely spend the day with my family in Nigeria and travel during the days around it to visit friends and family in the US. Choose or Lose has begun a process that is helping to shape African consciousness, foster democratic impulses, and is serving as a catalyst for young Africans to become politically engaged and pro-active.

We need to make sure that we have content available on multiple platforms that cater to the needs of the consumers who, of course, want to view content when, how, and where they want it. Setting up MTV Africa from scratch to a business that now encompasses over 6 channels with distribution in 48 territories has been the most exciting journey of my life.

Through alex okosi dating Nickelodeon brand, Okosi and his MTV base team have partnered with Access Bank and schools in Nigeria to provide early, financial literacy courses to Nigerian children in hopes they will become savvy, personal financiers — avoiding the pitfalls many without lente biconcava yahoo dating training may find themselves.

If we are flying the flag of our artistes outside Africa, that means that they are good, that means that they are quality, it means that they can compete with the rest of the world. Always compulsively watchable, with her probing and unflinching questions, many an unprepared guest have been known to shrivel under her piercing gaze.

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Additionally, our role is to provide opportunities for the younger artists to rise. However, I always had the ambition to launch an MTV channel in Africa as I believed that the creativity and talent of our youth deserved to be showcased on a world class platform.

You seem passionate about fostering music and entertainment in Africa. It is more exciting knowing that this award will be recognised in front of millions of music fans all over the world through the BET Awards, both in the US and internationally.

We elevated the most powerful way for artists and music to travel, which is through music videos. Johns Hopkins University evaluated the effect this campaign had on its viewing audience and found a full ninety percent of young Kenyans who watched the series believed the show affected their thinking about HIV.

This is similar to what we did in Europe where we started with MTV Networks Europe, but now have localized business in most major European countries.

What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

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Is there anything that Toolz cannot fix? I had a blissfully happy childhood in Nigeria until I was 12 and I then made a hard decision to move to the USA for my education.

Quiet, unassuming and loath to step out in public glare, Uche Pedro wields a lot of power as her site has been known to dictate the latest fashion trends, attract advertising mega bucks and corner the market on wedding photography. And how would you be spending it this year?

Has this always been your childhood dream? As part of the campaign, participating African artists were rewarded with quality video productions that highlighted their musical virtuosity and skill.

Alex Okosi steps up as Executive Vice President Viacom Africa

I enjoyed working in the US and currently still work with colleagues all over the world, but I believe that our Africa business is the best. Their degree campaigns provided avenues for advertisers to reinforce their messages to consumers and create a deeper connection with target populations via world-class event experiences.

An initiative he holds dear is Shuga — a groundbreaking degree mass media campaign for young people that merges sexual health messaging, including HIV preventionwith popular culture, and gripping story lines. The show recognizes the absolute best in African contemporary music and has become an unparalleled platform for promoting African music both within Africa and abroad.

How was your childhood? That my career has taken me into music and entertainment is a definite bonus as I enjoy the dynamic nature of the industry.

Greatest lessons in life learnt so far? But of course, we put in work, we produced free music videos for artists, we held music video workshops across Africa and I think that was a catalyst for what you see today. This means we have to spend a lot more time training and developing people so they can help us meet our objectives.

The vision was, and still is, to feature the broadest mix of contemporary African and international music and lifestyles shows. We came in, we held training and workshops. If it was clear, if it was well conceptualised, if it was packaged in the best way, then it would give you the best chance of being able to connect.

What happened?

It was perfect timing; African music was at the cusp of a renaissance and the presence of MTV Base on the TV screens led to an explosion of quality visuals and great video content from artists.

These are people who have gone beyond their own careers and their own empires, and are influencing trends, leading on success, and driving people to action. Toyosi Ogunseye Ogunseye became one of the youngest editors of a major newspaper when she was promoted to editor of the Sunday Punch.

Okosi was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and his influence in entertainment circles is undeniable. But more so, it was a pointer to how powerful it had grown. Okosi is the creative force behind the MTV Africa Music Awards, a high-profile event that has helped talented African artists raise their international profile and status.

My goals are to continue to expand our MTV Networks Africa business by introducing new brands and localizing our offering in key countries across multiple platforms, particularly mobile.

Check on it after the cut Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi No one has a presence on radio quite like Gbemi. How do you think this has affected the music industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole?

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He graduated magna cum laude in with a double major in Business Administration and Economics. Because we are a well-recognised brand, it gives us more credibility when we speak to people outside the continent to understand the power of the music that is coming from here because they know that we are an authority in music.

Do you think the social nature of content on the Internet has made it easier for new musicians to rise to the top?

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We changed the music scene in Africa. It is more fulfilling than I can express.

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Once the business plan was approved, I was fortunate to work with a great team that enabled us to roll out the business. It had erstwhile been handed to winners backstage.

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He was awarded a scholarship to play Division II basketball for the Purple Knights and was co-captain his senior year. I think it is a tremendous achievement.

This was a symbol of how far Nigerian music had come. The blog has become the one stop shop for gossip, heart to heart dialogue, the occasional political commentary and yes, breaking news.

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What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced?