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And if entire groups have been taken off planet, might there be a connection with sites connected to mysterious vanishings of people, planes, and boats in various locations throughout the world?

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It can download Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, region protected videos. Could the statue have originally represented an otherworldly being that came to Earth some 10, years ago, as Ancient Astronaut theorists propose? Did top-ranking Nazis secretly develop a time-travel machine that was used as an escape vehicle after their defeat in Europe?

DrollMotion is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. Using GenYoutube you can download any type of videos from the Youtube. Or did the Ark of the Covenant possess extraordinary powers?

If this is true, then who—or what—created the Sphinx?

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Ruins of a year-old observatory discovered on a mountain in Macedonia reveal that the ancients tracked celestial movements from on high with remarkable precision.

Ancient Egyptian astronomers were the first to record the red planet on a chart of the cosmos known as the Senenmut star map. Using DrollMotion you can download any type of videos from the Dailymotion to your mobile, smart phones, computer in mp4, mp3 formats both in HD and SD quality.

The Bible, the Quran and the ancient texts known as the Nag Hammadi codices all describe reptilian entities interacting with humans. Could it be that our increased reliance on computers, cell phones, tablets, and the Internet is the product of extraterrestrial design? December 06, Aliens and The Lost Ark The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sought after religious relics of all times and far more than just a box that contained the Ten Commandments.

June 13, Ancient cultures around the world tell stories of strange objects witnessed flying in the sky. So you will never any downloading speed issue. Although these cultures have vanished from the face of the Earth, they have left behind intriguing clues—clues, some say point to an otherworldly explanation.

What happened to this incredible relic? Is it possible these stories are more than just the myths of imaginative seafarers?

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Aliens and the Civil War Premiere Date: Unidentified submersible objects going at lightning speed… strange crafts coming out of water near remote volcanic islands… and mystifying megalithic ruins in the middle of the ocean. Could examining these disappearances lead us to not only uncover evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in our remote past, but also reveal the consequences for the future of the human race?

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Is it possible that through these spiritual mediators, extraterrestrials were able to influence mankind in the distant past? But is it possible that these supernatural visitations were not actually the work of the gods—but rather a race of extraterrestrials using advanced technology to create and shape our civilization?

Is it possible that extraterrestrials were present during the Civil War? Throughout human history, some caves have been considered sacred places for spiritual encounter and enlightenment, while others have been feared as true portals to purgatory.

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November 14, There are those who believe that the evolution of technology is not entirely of our own making. December 23, — Or could they be in contact with extraterrestrial realms?

You can even search the episodes and movies and download them. Have extraterrestrials been monitoring human progress for thousands of years—at times helping us to advance, and at other times holding us back? Could these paintings be a visual record of alien encounters in the distant past?

GenYoutube is based on super fast script which can handle a number of downloads simultaneously. April 17, — Could these accounts of fiery chariots, flying carpets and fire-breathing dragons really be descriptions of misunderstood technology involving mysterious crafts?

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Now you can download songs, movies, episodes, trailers, clips or any Dailymotion video without visitng the Dailymotion site with hassle free controls and beautiful responsive UI. Or might there be knowledge actually stored within the crystals and minerals that cover the walls of caves, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest?

Inthe Phoenix Gazette reported the finding of a strange man-made cave filled with ancient objects and mummies. Inca legend states that the god Viracocha created humans and taught them astronomy, agriculture and other advanced arts.

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Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date. What were our ancestors really describing in their ancient stories?

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