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All shook up chevron dress, size guide

Press your ruching to increase elasticity.

All Shook Up Dress in Wine | Showpo

Finally, put it on and go frolic in the warm weather of the summer!! Again, take your time to do a good job.

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Top-stitch in the shape of a triangle. Turn the tabs right side out, using a chopstick or pen, or something else to turn the point. With right sides together RST sew the 2 front pieces together down the center front seam.


My stripe pattern was fairly hard to match up so it hogged my all shook up chevron dress quite a bit. The 1st portion of your chevron is now taking shape 5. I definitely need to get back there again!

I made mine from a fun lightweight knit from the Michael Levine Loft in L.

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If you are using a knit fabric, sew with a zig-zag probation latino dating to maintain stretch. Stitch along the seam and the pocket edge.

Tutorial: Chevron Dress - Peek-a-Boo Pages - Patterns, Fabric & More!

Of course, I forgot, and add them later. The exactness with which you line these up will determine the continuity of your chevron, so do a good job!! Lay your pattern onto your fabric, as close to the top and edge as possible, to preserve material.

I like mine at or just above my natural waist. Then do the same one more time, with right sides of the fabric together, pin and cut. It may or may not be perfect. Pin the tab to the center of the sleeve, securing the raw edge inside the sleeve. Next, turn one of the pattern pieces right side down onto the fabric.

My fabric was sheer enough that I could see through it to get everything lined up which was super helpful. I did add a bit to the sleeves this time around.

Ryu Chevron Dress from Naples by Petunias of Naples — Shoptiques

Gather the sleeve by creating three small horizontal pleats. Make sure you use a lot of pins and keep those stripes lined up. When you turn the dress around, and tuck them in, you get that fun on-seam pocket with a pop of color, if you choose!

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Make a pattern for your skirt piece. I just wing it. You will follow this guide when sewing, so make it as straight as possible. It was quite a week! You should have a basic dress at this point, with a continuous chevron pattern around the bodice.

Tutorial: Chevron Dress

My hip measurement is Determine where you want the pockets to sit along the side seams, and seam rip the opening to the length of the pocket edge. Lay these two pieces, right sides together, and line up the stripes along the shoulder and side seams.

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Any use for commercial sale is unauthorized. It pushed my stripe matching to the limit but the finished chevron effect is well worth it.

Next, determine the height at which you want the ruched waist.

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Oops, I forgot about the pockets!! Now we make the tabs for the sleeves. There, pockets are in! Now we are going to bind the v-neck with bias tape.

You should now have four pieces, two of one diagonal and two of the other. You can spritz water on there, too. Stitch in place along the hemline. Make it into bias tape by using a bias tape maker, or pulling it through a pin stuck into my completely hashed and ready-to-be-replaced ironing board cover.

If your pattern is too small, add paper to the outer edge, on the same gentle a-line as the original.