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All shook up how rock n roll changed america book review, beginnen sie ihr hörabenteuer

An Anecdotal History "A soulful, scholarly, and thoroughly fascinating examination of the transforming power of rock and roll in American culture.

Parents and community members could not begin to understand why the youth of America were so drawn to this music.

All shook up : how rock 'n' roll changed America | Altschuler, Glenn C | download

In addition, rock celebrated romance and sex, rattled the reticent by pushing sexuality into the public arena, and mocked deferred gratification and the obsession with work of men in gray flannel suits. It sold tons of copies and became very popular in England.

This PhD is such an enthusiastic fan, my '50s generation awards him our ultimate accolade: I was very impressed with the information presented and as someone who knew nothing about the history of rock when I started I was pleased with how much I learned.

The first being that the music encouraged teenagers to defy their parents; the second being that teenagers were the same the decade before, just without the music and that it was just a phase to go through on the way to adulthood.

Even some of the major record companies had their market shares start to drop because everyone was going to the smaller, more independent companies. He is informing the readers of the history of Rock N Roll and the problems it caused.

This music was heavily criticized for promoting integration.

All shook up : how rock 'n' roll changed America

Glenn Altschuler manages to weave the stories of musicians and record producers, cultural critics and legislators, psychologists and sociologists, businessmen and teenaged consumers into a lively, astute narrative of cultural change.

Elvis freely credited blacks with originating the music he sang and some of the great early rockers were African American, most notably, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. A good example to demonstrate his style is: For instance, the birth of rock coincided with the Civil Rights movement and brought "race music" into many white homes for the first time.

This argument caused a lack of confidence in these records and slowly, they started to falter. Altschuler tells in this section about parents and elders not understanding the teenagers of the time and why they wanted to listen to this music.

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Brandishing the chops of a loving fan and a scrupulous historian, Altschuler nimbly tracks the rock-propelled revolutions in manners and morality that first rumbledforth from the s, a decade that seems ever more the epoch of Elvis not Eisenhower.

This quote is a good example to demonstrate how the author starts his chapters.

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One thing that I would do frituur ferro online dating, is put less facts and more of the author's personal opinion. This book is an overview of the business, politics, race relations, and generational relations stemming from rock and roll.

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Rock male singles dating roll was started a rebellion in teens and most of these actions were blamed on African Americans. As vibrant as the music itself, All Shook Up reveals how rock 'n roll challenged and changed American culture and laid the foundation for the social upheaval of the sixties.

Rock and roll ignited a fire of controversy for America and created many different opinions. This book is very different from other things I have read, but I would definitely read something else like this again.

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This book has inspired me to get more into the history of music and rock 'n' roll. By doing this, it makes the reader want to continue reading the book. In the book, the reader learns that most of the American population wasn't ready for this thing called "Rock N Roll".

When Altschuler writes, "Many Americans believed that Rock N Roll was an irritant that provoked conflict between parents and teenagers and increased antisocial behavior" 99it is saying that many people of the older generations thought Rock N Roll caused many problems.

The result is not just an especially informative history of rock, but an important cultural history of the 'long' s. This quote is a good way to demonstrate how people were not ready for change.

He is not a flashy writer, but so much the better for his storytelling, which shows intelligence and narrative discipline Also offers insightinto the often complicated racial and legal issues surrounding rock 'n' roll inthe s.

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They weren't ready for change. A campaign was started to clean up the filthy lyrics. The pictures in the book were helpful in illustrating some of the main points of the book.

In this book, Altschuler's style is informative. Altschuler shows, in particular, how rock's "switchblade beat" opened up wide fissures in American society along the fault-lines of family, sexuality, and race. Altschuler does so with a good ear for the music and a deft hand, making this account a pleasure to read and ponder.

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Rock 'n roll seemed to be everywhere during the decade, exhilarating, influential, and an outrage to those Americans intent on wishing away all forms of dissent and conflict.

At this time, there were many important events that were going on, including Brown v. He is the author of several books on American history and popular culture, including Changing Channels: Altschuler vividly demonstrates that Rock 'n' Roll--as music, lyric, and gesture--provides the guide, the Ariadne's thread, through the labyrinth of social, cultural, generational, and sexual upheaval that was post-World War II America.

An Anecdotal History"Deflty weave together the recent scholarship on the subject and some limited primary research into a tight narrative As Glenn Altschuler reveals in All Shook Up, the rise of rock 'n roll--and the outraged reception to it--in fact can tell us a lot about the values of the United States in the s, a decade that saw a great struggle for the control of popular culture.

His is a finely tuned, perfectly pitched appreciation of the rhythms of a music that became not only a soundtrack but a heartbeat to American life.

Rock and roll was started a rebellion in teens and most of these actions were blamed on African When Glenn C.

Shook up: How Rock 'n Roll Changed America

I was very impressed with the informati Rock n roll may seem like an odd choice for a pivotal moment in American history but altschuler supports his thesis very well and by the end I was convinced.

This would also be a great book for a cross-curricular unit between the history classes and the music classes.

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Altschuler in this book is to be ready for change. Also offers insight into the often complicated racial and legal issues surrounding rock 'n' roll in the s.

Altschuler discusses how this angered members of the American Federation of Musicians because they were not allowed to appear on radio or television or allow disc jockeys to use tapes or transcriptions of them without compensation.

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This book follows the decade of the 50's, in which the genre of Rock and Roll was invented. These records threatened to damage the reputation and possibly livelihood of the original rhythm and blues. Parents and community members went to record distributors, record stores, and radio stations and asked for a ban on producing, selling, and playing these filthy records.

Language of a book: They even started to ban rock shows from coming to their towns in order to prevent the chaos that usually accompanied before, during, and after the shows. This PhD is such an enthusiastic fan, my '50sgeneration awards him our ultimate accolade: The way the author writes is fascinating and it makes me want to continue reading.

The theme explained by Glenn C.

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Brandishing the chops of a loving fan and a scrupulous historian, Altschuler nimbly tracks the rock-propelled revolutions in manners and morality that first rumbled forth from the s, a decade that seems ever more the epoch of Elvis not Eisenhower.

I really liked All Shook Up: It looks at rocks early years through the "day the music died". All Shook Up is a social history that uses primary sources such as newspapers and magazines of the time period, as well as other books on the subject matter to argue its main points.

The older generation was not ready for change, and because of that, they created excuses against rock and roll.

It leaves a few places hanging such as what happens to Elvis after he joins the army but mostly it covers everything in the right amount of detail. This quote is a good example of how Altschuler writes the story. Altschuler surpasses the admittedly sparsely populated field in the nuanced wayhe places the music within the conflicts--racial, sexual, commercial, and political--that it variously helped to encourage, exacerbate, and occasionally ameliorate.

He wrote a lot about the influence that African Americans had on it, and also the impact it had on them.