Steppin' Country Line Dance Step Sheets Steppin' Country Line Dance Step Sheets

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Lola Miller Lola Miller was born and raised in northwest Indiana and has been involved in music all her life.

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Once here, she saw line dancing at the squares and immediately started taking classes. The twins' website is www. Her philosophy is that it doesn't matter what level you dance, as long as you are having fun. When she's not line dancing, Carol enjoys clogging, playing the electric organ, golfing, bowling and dining out.

She and her husband Rex were snowbirds for three years telecom express dating becoming fulltime Villagers in She is Mom to seven children, and says two of them are "homemade" and five are "imported.

Wendy has choreographed her first rhythm and blues line dance to the Temptations Ain't Too Proud to Beg.

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She took many classes and eventually began assisting in one of them. She and Duey enjoy golfing together.

Lola started teaching line dancing at their neighborhood social center when she and Bob retired to Venice, Fla. When she's not dancing, she plays golf and mahjong. Sandy likes crafts, especially crocheting, knitting and sewing. Marine Corps "brat" and has lived and worked across the globe, teaching middle school math and language arts for plus years, followed by designing and troubleshooting internet-based training for the Marine Corps.

They started practicing prior to the class, and before she knew it, Jan was leading the session. She continued teaching when she moved to The Villages in Carol says she started dancing almost as soon as she learned to walk, enjoying tap, jazz, jive, salsa and ballroom classes through the years.

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Rose is a member of the Orlando Magic Silver Stars dance team. As soon as they settled in, they started taking patterned partner lessons.

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She says she accidentally taylor swift and taylor lautner dating 2018 dodge an instructor when several participants in a class she took decided they wanted to practice dances they were learning.

She was happy to discover many classes in The Villages to help her get back into dancing. When Wendy isn't dancing, she is teaching elementary school. She worked as a nursing supervisor in a small hospital, where she was a "Jack of all trades.

She started taking line dance classes and enjoyed them.

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Margaret Koll Margaret Koll started dancing when she was old enough to dance with her father by standing on his toes. Sue says she made the "mistake" of telling some friends that, "After retirement, it looks like it would be fun to become a line dance instructor.

In addition to line dancing, they play golf and enjoy every day in The Villages. Micki still takes as many classes as she can, missing only to visit their two sons, Scott and his wife and two sons in Maryland, and Cory and his wife and daughter soon to be two daughters in Virginia.

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Her love of dancing found a home in The Villages. Lola hadn't planned to teach when she and Bob moved to The Villages, but when she hears music she says she feels like the Energizer Bunny.

After retirement, she started taking line dance classes four days a week. Inshe began hosting an informal practice class.

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When she's not dancing, she's on the golf course. She and Mac continue to partner dance. In addition to line dancing, Darlene enjoys golf, mah-jongg, cards and games, shopping, socializing with friends and spending time with her husband Carl and golden retriever Brinkley.

Her love of music and dance has led her to the philosophy, "If you can walk, you can dance. She and Jim have one son and daughter-in-law who live in Colorado.

She also is involved in Magical Moments as a singer and line dance choreographer, and in the Betty Ganz Make Someone Happy Troupe, where she sings and dances.

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She started line dancing in a friend's garage in and took classes through The Villages Lifelong Learning College. When she isn't dancing, Susi enjoys visual arts and crafts, learning to play bridge, sailing, visiting her children and grandchildren in Virginia and Maryland, traveling, social and volunteer activities with her neighbors, and spending time with Chris.

Prior to coming to The Villages inthe only line dance Darlene knew was the Electric Slide, which she learned from her students while chaperoning middle school dances.

Marianna Spence Marianna Spence has been a Villager since Wendy has been dancing since she was six years old. She has always loved to dance and even met her husband Bob at a dance. Darlene says she loves the mental and physical exercise of line dancing and that no partner is required to participate.

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She and her husband Jim moved to The Villages from Denver in Lydia works with visually impaired Villagers to teach fundamental line dance steps through Lighthouse Central Florida of Leesburg. When she's not line dancing, she enjoys reading, games, movies, shopping and spending time with her husband Jeff and her family and friends.

She enjoyed watching line dancers on the squares, started taking classes and got hooked. She enjoys taking pattern partner dance classes with her husband.

With her husband Roger she worked more than 20 years in child welfare. She helped create routines and choreographed several dance numbers. Mac wanted to retire where he could play golf and softball, and Micki made him promise to buy a house large enough that she could have a dedicated sewing room, and to take patterned partner dancing lessons with her.

Eight months later, she was teaching four classes a week at three venues. They have three married sons, many grandsons and two great granddaughters -- the first little girls they get to spoil! Jan also teaches a "winter season" class at Recreation Plantation.