All Shook Up : definition of All Shook Up and synonyms of All Shook Up (English) All Shook Up : definition of All Shook Up and synonyms of All Shook Up (English)

All shook up synonyms for fun, shake-up defined for english language learners

All shook up

I phoned a pal and told him about it. InBilly Joel recorded the song for the movie Honeymoon in Vegaswhich also featured other Elvis Presley songs by various artists.

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Shudder applies chiefly to convulsive shaking caused by fear, horror, or revulsion: Music, other music to perform a trill on a note Quiver suggests a slight, rapid, tremulous movement: Tao of dating come to pass; transpire; happen: For this he received a co-writing credit, his last.

A rough shingle used to cover rustic buildings, such as barns: Slang To extort money from. Tremble implies quick, rather slight movement, as from excitement, weakness, or anger: Shake is the most general: Building a shingle or clapboard made from a short log by splitting it radially Geological Science an informal name for earthquake The Beatles performed the song during their oldies jams during the Let It Be sessions in It has also been recorded by Ry Cooder.

Shiver involves rapid trembling, as of a person experiencing chill: My hand shook as I signed the mortgage. To upset by or as if by a physical jolt or shock: Slang To make a thorough search of: See Also Synonyms at agitate.

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The song was recorded by Suzi Quatro inand peaked at 85 on Billboard's Hot To move quickly; hurry up. Cookery short for milkshake The fear whereof doth make him shake and shudder" Shakespeare. Quatro declined the offer.

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To subject to a drastic rearrangement or reorganization: Quake refers to more violent movement, as that caused by shock or upheaval: To subject a new ship or aircraft to shakedown testing.

I was so scared that my legs began to quake. Often used with the: Music, other music another word for trill 11 Joel released the song as a single and it peaked at 92 in the US and 27 in the UK. A year later, Presley invited Quatro to Gracelandcommenting that her version was the best since the original.

The fun area, different aproach to phrase »shake up«

Other recordings and performances The Jeff Beck Group released a rendition of the song on the Beckola albumwith Rod Stewart on lead vocals and Ronnie Wood on bass.

To straighten or extend by jerky movements: A beverage in which the ingredients are mixed by shaking.

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Chart positions Billy Joel version Chart Dancing a dance, popular in the s, in which the body is shaken convulsively in time to the beat She took off her hat and shook out her hair. The Gyromatics covered the song in and can be heard in the film Roadhouse We shook off our fears.

To become acclimated or accustomed, as to a new environment or a new job.

Synonyms for shake

I went to bed one night, had quite a dream, and woke up all shook up. We managed to give our pursuers the shake. Let's see how things shake out before we finalize our plans. Gambling, except Cards to mix dice by rattling in a cup or the hand before throwing The speaker trembled as he denounced his opponents.

By morning, he had a new song, 'All Shook Up'. Gambling, except Cards an instance of shaking dice before casting Informal A bargain or deal:

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