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Easily the most overtly gothic gialli I've ever seen, combining the usual half-remembered murders and psychoanalysis with satanic cults, demonic orgies, and mysterious branding in a vibrant 70s London.

New neighbor promises to help and leads a woman into a sect, cultivating magical bloody rituals and back a sin. A brilliant giallo, by genre regular Sergio Martino, that swaps the black gloved killer with a satanic cult tormenting a beautiful Edwige Fenech, who becomes increasingly paranoid as the same man from her dreams, a villainous Ivan Rassimov with really creepy looking eye contactsbegins to stalk her.

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Nevertheless, this one should mostcertainly please fans of this kind of thing. Cracks into my top 5 gialli with ease. What the movie lacks in explicit violence, it more than makes up for it with superb cinematography, good music in a soundtrack that could have been penned by Morriconea solid plot and psychedelia in abundance.

Because she really is and there will never be enough gialli or sex comedies with her in them. Shes breathtakingly beautiful,and while not necessarily a great actress, certainly has an amount ofscreen presence. Shelooks like the definitive giallo heroine here, with her gorgeous maneof long black hair, porcelain skin and big eyes.

All The Colors Of The Dark ()

Highly atmospheric andsuspenseful, the film opens with a bang and never lets go. I love this psychedelic giallo so much. In typical giallo fashion, the red herrings and suspensful atmosphere are aplenty, which along with a good cast and a steady pace make for a satisfying viewing.

Fingernails that look like metallic Bugle snacks. Blue eyes have never looked quite so piercing. Italian horror afficionados and Polanski fans are advised to check it out.

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All the Colors of the Dark is packed with memorable, haunting sequences and is a very unique entry in the giallo genre. Hoop-Tober 10 i've had this film embyonic like in my head for some time, seed planted by The Electric Wizard, moons ago.

Still,the main reason to watch this is Fenech.

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Edwige Fenech is at her best here, the use of colors is amazing--I'm talking Blood and Black Lace level of mastery, and I love that ethereal score too. A must-see for genrefans.

All The Colors Of The Dark

Italy Spain Also known as: The disorienting camera angles do add to theoverall theme of a psychologically troubled woman. The fact that EdwigeFenech, possibly the most gorgeous woman working in European horror atthe time, plays the lead damsel in distress is definitely a plus.

Sure,its dumb and not always compelling, but the fact that they tried is aplus. The latter had a very solid plot not a typical giallo featbut it is extravagant style and atmosphere that I look for in giallos, not plot.

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She is certainly awelcome character to base the movie around and does play the vulnerablevictim very well it has to be said. Also, director Sergio Martino, while not a great stylist,knows how to build tension in some sequences.

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Easily the most dreamlike, deconstructed, and just off-the-wall weird gialli I've seen from the classic period, with every technical aspect of the film firing on all cylinders with extra dream sequences to spare.

Also, Edwige Fenech proves that she actuallycan act, giving a tremendous performance of a sexually frustratedhousewife who may or may not be going insane.

The violence is surprisingly minimalas well, making the occasional outbursts all the more shocking. Fortunately, in addition to the standard bits of dreamlike weirdnessthat was a staple of the genre, it actually has a coherent plot.

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Nights Joan suffers from terrible dreams, and in the afternoon it pursues the man of nightmares. She is recovering from a car crash whichclaimed the life of her unborn baby, shortly after this she is menacedby a mysterious man and is introduced to a black magic group by anenigmatic neighbour.

Overall, SergioMartino produced another fine Italian thriller with this movie.

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