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After studying at the renowned University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he developed a working principle based on "learning by doing".

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In this episode we show you how to remove objects from your photos to make your subject stand out more. Storytrender is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider.

Find the whole interview and all pictures on FvF here: Till Firit Nora, seine Frau: It is a dream come true for Yves, who feels free to do whatever he wishes in this role that brings like minded people together. Selections Are the Key to Removing Objects Often times the objects you want to remove are behind other objects.

Sometimes however that is not an option; either you didn't see it or were not able to move it.

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During our visit, he reveals the poetry of natural materials and speaks about urban beauty, his inspirations and role models such as Joseph Beuys and Jean-Michel Basquiat. With the brush tool you can "paint" anything kelas bahasa inggeris online dating can think of, including the background over top of an object you want to remove.

If given the chance it is always better to remove that object in person, it will take much less time than doing it in Photoshop and will look more natural. Stay tuned for verified, engaging and extraordinary stories uploaded daily.

Freunde von Freunden goes behind the scenes of one of Europe’s best electronic music festivals

An old man sits with a bruised and purple eye. We are dedicated to unearthing amazing UGC video and telling the stories behind them. If you are lucky there will be plenty of area to sample from that looks like the area you need to cover.

Many themes are addressed, each photograph as open and interpretable as a sonnet. Start out using the Clone Stamp Tool, it will duplicate a sampled area and can do most of the job for you providing you have an area to sample. Sylvia Brandl Torvald Helmer: In this example we completely remove a trash can from the image and paint the building and the sidewalk in behind it.

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Welcome to Storytrender - the home of extraordinary video. Joseph invites us to his apartment, his office space and around his neighborhood. Telephone poles are revealed, lying blackened and damp on a forest floor, a tree lies strewn across the road, and a fiery storm brews atop a hill — images we can only imagine hint at climate change.

Read the full interview and see the pictures here: You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. Freunde von Freunden in partnership with departure Music: The publication itself mimics a bible in its design, one you might find dusty and hidden in a seedy motel drawer, an unpleasant reminder of your impurity on a night of debauchery.

The cover is a rich, plum fabric with the title embossed in gold lettering, centralised, cross-like. The male gaze penetrates the back of a woman, sat downcast on the bed. Find out more about the concept and Yves on FvF: Learn how to remove anything from any photo: To make this selection we use the Pen Tool.

The redacted list of image titles on the second to last page leaves a trail of breadcrumbs, encouraging us to, literally, read between the lines.

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That is where Photoshop comes in! Find out more about Petar's east european roots, unpretentious attitude towards fashion and his favorite spots in Vienna in our video portrait on Freunde von Freunden: Masculinity becomes a celebration of things that carry deeply negative connotations, and this sorrow leaks into the imagery.

Musket balls appear like rust-coloured, cratered moons, aggrandising the second amendment. Freunde von Freunden Direction: Amongst other stories told in the book, is the myth of Icarus.

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A stake bleeds rain, flowing like entrails down a concrete road, reminiscent of the horrors caused by property lines. This is where the brush tool comes in. The results are stunning, with one of the more amusing reactions being from two leopards.

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If you want to learn more about compositing and using the Pen Tool be sure to check out our Your Friend, the Clone Stamp Tool After your selection is made it is time to use any tools available to build the background.

Sometimes you will have to remove and object and that means creating something "behind" that object from scratch. A silhouetted figure bends alone in a misty car park, and a businessman leans dejected against a city wall.

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Photographs that were once mysterious become clear. Das gesamte Interview gibt es hier: All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners.

This may sound really hard but using color samples from the surrounding image and a little creativity you would be amazed at what you can do.

In order to remove the objects from the background we have to make a selection that keeps the lamp post and stone seat from being affected. We visited Tobias and his family in their home right in the heart of Munich and had lunch in their newly built, light-flooded patio where passers by can take a curious peek inside.

America is filled with these contradictions, as is masculinity. It is one of the more complicated tools to use in Photoshop but it is well worth learning because of how powerful it is.

Read the whole interview and see all photos here: Follow The Tonight Show: Today he leaves traces of his trademark not only in his adopted country of Austria, but also throughout Japan, China and the United States. Follow us on Twitter: The narrative throughout rises and falls like a melody, moving towards a violent crescendo then dropping back into silence and space.


Hendrik Thul Additional Footage: In this episode we remove a trashcan and a street sign, both of which are behind a lamp post and a stone seat. You are Masters of the Fish and Birds and All the Animals, is an excerpt from Genesis that has been used by those in power to justify their atrocities.

When All Else Fails, Use the Brush Tool The brush tool is incredibly powerful and shouldn't be overlooked when creating a new background. See the full FvF portrait here: There is a headless female statue — all body, no mind.