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A finely crushed aggregate that has been proven over the years to be a solid performer on ballfields, especially in northern climates.

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Coaches, players, fans, and umpires all appreciate getting games completed as scheduled. These issues can be greatly compounded when clay and silt get compacted due to heavy traffic.

Knowing the makeup or composition of your infield mix will help determine a baseline from which maintenance practices can be developed. A sand, silt, clay analysis can be performed on your field in two ways: To understand how your mix works you need to understand the components. Measure each layer and divide it by the depth of the total mix in the jar.

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Are you looking for a custom color infield topdressing? Just one-quarter to one-half inch coating improves resiliency, slows the evaporation of moisture from your infield skin and speeds reentry onto the field after a rain event — minimizing the use of other drying agents.

Fill our Free Quote form on right column now! The other two components of soil, silt and clay, have stardom hollywood dating 12499529 issues compared to sand.

If kept at the right moisture level, and properly groomed, clay and silt are very stable and wear resistant making them ideal for high impact areas.

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Dark red playing surface reduces glare, enables quicker reaction time. Fill a straight sided jar half full of your infield mix.

The sand will settle out first and will be at the bottom, the silt next and the clay last and at the top layer. Drainage is poor so water puddles, creates slippery areas and causes rain-outs.


Proper gradation of the warning track mix allows the material to compact just enough to give outfielders increased traction and optimum playability. Also, when clay and silt get too dry they become rock hard, often cracking, creating dangerous hops and possibly injury.

Special order only, minimum quantities apply, call for details All soils consist of sand, silt and clay. The infield mix is the combination of these components plus any conditioners or additives.

However, with the right amount of water it will be firm and playable but forgiving, allowing for sliding and clean ball hops. Ask them to perform a sand, silt, clay or particle size analysis. Improves drainage, minimizes rain outs and rescheduling headaches. Consider a beach where the water meets the shore.

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Surface stays smooth and safe no bad hops, no missed plays, no unearned runs. The work was done as promised and the field looks terrific. Minimize use of other drying agents. Set aside and let it stand until the mix has fully settled.

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There are costs associated with this option but they are reasonable. Ask us…we can help! On its own and dry, sand will produce an unstable and unpredictable surface. This area would make a very playable surface. The biggest compliment is having visiting teams wish they could play all their games on our field.

This will give you the percentage of each component. Fill with water and shake vigorously until the soil is suspended in the water.

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Magic Mix is fine enough to slide or dive on without worry of player safety. If certain areas Sands. All three components are necessary to attain a safe and playable field that is easy to maintain. Use this mixed sample to do your jar test or send out for testing. This will take from 1 hour to overnight.

Mix these samples in a container to get a well-mixed sample.