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Friday 4th November First TV advert screened.

Clues to Identify a Scam

This was the first time that BBC 1 teletext has had a permanent lottery page and also marked the first time that the TV show displayed the teletext page numbers under the balls at the end of the programme.

Saturday 18th November The UK National Lottery celebrated its first anniversary today and used it as an excuse to extend the TV show to a tortuous 25 minutes the longest since the very first hour-long show. No legitimate, regulated lottery will ask you to pay a fee for your winnings.

However, there are many people out there who try and use the allure of money to set up lottery scams to divert people away from legitimate games.

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The claim was aired on BBC 1's Panorama programme. Friday 24th December Camelot shifted the Christmas Day draw forward 24 hours to today instead. Saturday 13th July Ulrika Jonsson became the guest presenter of the lottery TV show for a 3 week period. Monday 4th September Retail terminal installation started.

PLI’s Vision

Often the fraudster asks for personal information which will then be used for the purposes of identity theft. Camelot's official WWW site had a "midweek draw" revamp complete with two sets of presenters' heads and winning balls!

Friday 14th August This appears to be the modification date of both Camelot's home page to add a link and Vernon's new and dismal Easy Play Web site.

The People's Lottery group are holding exclusive talks with the National Lottery Commission to iron out ways to properly protect players apparently and may still have a chance of winning the licence by 23rd September.

This was only the second time that a jackpot prize has expired. Monday 11th November Camelot redesigned the UK lottery ticket to include a cancellation box and a new horizontal security barcode.

U.K National Lottery

The changes included a new TV Dreams section less info than mine of course! Legitimate lotteries will not ask for any fee or upfront payment of taxes in order to process your claim. Some retailers were offline for up to an hour. If you received an email, do not open any attachments or files that came with it, as they could contain malware or a virus.


No legitimate lottery would use this sort of phone number. Call the six winning numbers the Good numbers, the other 43 the Bad numbers. Advanced blocking in effect. We do what we say and we keep our promises. Saturday 30th December 4pm-5pm A post-Christmas rollover generated the largest number of lottery tickets sold in a one-hour period: Wednesday 23rd August There is no winner yet of the next lottery licence starting on 1st Octoberbut Camelot are definitely out of the bidding now their GTech associations caused their downfall.

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Wednesday 27th May Jack Hewitt, a year-old great-grandfather from St. Early August Camelot added a new phone number,which is exactly the same as the current number i.

A new How To Play leaflet was also released today.

Lottery Scam

Wednesday 5th February Camelot started a second draw each Wednesday from this date onwards, launching it with a "Winsday" firework display over the River Thames, started by Barbara Windsor and Tim Holley Camelot's chief executive. And all these combinations are taken to have an equal chance of being the six main numbers.

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It's believed that the lottery terminal connection to Belfast failed for a brief time today as well. They dismally failed, leaving my Web site to be the first out of TV, teletext and the Internet to announce that there were 2 jackpot winners: The Bonus number is just one of the Bad numbers, so six of these choices win a share of the Bonus prize, the other qualify for a Match 5 prize.

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It means that the recipient of the scam has less time to properly investigate the communication or seek advice. They also released a more concise leaflet to promote it.

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Intralot is one of the top three lottery technology providers worldwide. Saturday 11th February 13 weeks after the lottery began, BBC teletext BBC 2 page to be precise finally carries lists of previous winning numbers.

If the mind-sets of Swiss and UK players are similar, there are lessons here.