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Yes, SmartTickets always refunds ticket purchases if a show gets cancelled. If you could work with any artist musician or not dead or alive, who would it be? Hopefully they'll be able to debut more new stuff once they go on tour with Sia, which is very soon.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact us here.

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Will I get my money back? Do you have any fond memories of Chicago to date? We have always had that bond in the studio. She was absolutely stunning. A certain structure around an idea that is aluna and george dating formed. My rider is very straightforward: If I have time off, I will literally go home and discover my own house for the first time in months.

Talented, but somewhat forgettable.

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You Cut Me Off: We can deliver the tickets to you through Shunfeng Express if you are located outside Shanghai. How do I pay for my tickets? You can contact SmartTicket via our Contact Us page or by phone at Delivery Area SmartTicket charges a delivery fee of 15rmb for paper ticket orders.

With a lead single featuring up-and-coming dancehall artist and infamous Drake collaborator, Popcaan, the group is picking up steam.

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This guarantee is one of is taeyang and sandara dating reasons that people choose to purchase through SmartTickets instead of less reliable sources.

Kiiara would have been a little more up our alleys, but c'est la vie. We could do a duet, about Father Christmas. We've been working to implement an online payment system, which should be available soon! We can only accept cash for deliveries within certain Shanghai area for details, see the "cash on delivery" area map.

You can also pay our delivery staff directly either in cash, or with a local UnionPay card.

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Enter your booking code and email address, then click the big green "Pending Payment" button. Do you have any pre-performance rituals? Everybody who was playing had to be shoved into this one room and it was boiling hot, still, so people were trying to sit by fans and all of the sudden the wind blew and all the fans popped out of all the windows and everyone started freaking out.

Funny enough, we had seen her walking through North Park earlier in sweats and a T shirt but weren't sure if it was her. When I first came I just wandered around and found this store and the people working there were really sweet.

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But for me to shop there they have to be trying to do something different, pushing it a little bit. Live reviews AlunaGeorge As a frequent concert goer in Portland, I was surprised that there was no wait for doors to open at 7. I remember wearing these thigh-high boots that were made of rubber and they were also both the left foot.

Overall, great performance made up for the let down in the opening act. I was a little bit disappointed that George didn't seem to be at this show and was wondering why. Pre-sale tickets are rmb, delivered to your door. There was like a weird period where it was very attractive to buy a few cheap things and then hate them after three months; high turnover.

Jan 7 to Nov 30 Share: I actually lived in New Jersey between the age of 2 and 6. Do you still get jitters before you perform? If you go out on those stages dry you just stand out there, so yeah, I have to do tons of warm-up. It has to have the foundations of a song that moves from the verse to the chorus to the verse in a way that is fulfilling and fully meaningful.

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Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews in our Artist Series. Aluna came through RSVP Gallery to pick out some of her favorite pieces and sat down for a conversation in the newest episode of our Artist Series. Her presence onstage, vocals, dancing, and connection with the crowd was unbeatable.

The event promoters and venues that we work with currently have no systems in place that allow third party ticketing agents to access their respective floors plans.

We deliver to hotels, offices and private residences, even on weekends and in the evening. From the beginning to now, have you changed your approach to making music at all?

How has your style evolved? We have a couple of payment options available; 1. What has really grown is our skill set. It was a little bit upsetting that the opener, Kiiara, apparently was changed out the last minute to another act.

Please note, though, that we only refund the face value of the tickets.

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D brings in UK electronic duo Aluna George for a live set. For this option, purchase the tickets online using Alipay or WeChat.

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I live outside Shanghai, how can I get my tickets? I need to eat something. I thought I was quite chill and maybe somewhat laid back, but all of the sudden I feel uptight.

We now support WeChat and Alipay for online purchases. What I think was inconsiderate was that the venue never actually sent out an email saying that Kiiara had cancelled.

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Yea, accessories are important. There is no outside of music, all of the traveling has to do with music. Simply scan the QR the payment page directs you to.

What did you do the first time you visited the city? Please fill in the booking information with your address in Chinese to avoid confusion in the delivery process.

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The nature of risk management and licensing issues with online payments made within China makes it a particularly delicate process. We got to chatting and brought them to the show. The first time we came to Chicago, there was this huge, classic Chicago storm.

You have an album coming in Septemberaccompanied by a tour with Sia and Miguel, what are you most excited about in the coming months?