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I remember the day we read they gave them a certain amount of months to reformulate, I was just so happy.

Ama K. Abebrese

Your stories and photos are always welcome. A lot of the girls say girls do it because guys like light-skinned girls. Colonization played a key role in how Africans saw themselves. Colonization obviously is a major factor. Watch the trending news on YEN.

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And I realized that no one had done anything. Where racism and sexism collide, light is too often considered right. So this campaign was essentially to get the dialogue going.

Entertainment - Actress Ama K. But I think the entertainment industry is only a portion of the problem. London is pretty multicultural. I spent the majority of my life in London.


I think the ban comes into effect in August. This March will be the 59th year since Ghana got independence from Britain. We spoke with her about the epidemic of skin-bleaching in her home country and the success hook up definitions her Love Your Natural Skin Tone campaign.

I would look around me and see it everywhere.

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What is known about Ama K. It should be a bit more caramel-y. Soon it will be 60 years.

Ama K. Abebrese reportedly pregnant

We just dialogue, we have a very open discussion, we ask questions, and they can ask us anything. My fans made my 'Most Popular Song' award possible - Fancy Gadam speaks The actress, according to the report got engaged and married to a mixed-race man whose identity is yet to be known in a plush wedding ceremony which was held behind closed doors away from the cameras.

They had been working on it before, it was in their plan. I think my own feeling about it is that a lot of black people hate blackness, they hate the blackness of their skin.

When I was doing my research, I found the only research that had been done about it, aroundfrom the Director General for Ghana Health Services.

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In a report sighted on Ghanacelebrities. Know someone who is extremely talented and needs recognition? I remember at the end of the report, it said something needs to be done about this. The effects of normalized white supremacy have long created global standards of beauty that frequently manifest in the form of skin-bleaching, a practice common across much of the world.

Ghanaian-British actress Ama K Abebresebest known for her role in Cary Fukunaga 's Beasts of No Nationhas spent the past couple of years spearheading a large-scale public effort to counteract the practice of skin-bleaching in Ghana.

Abebrese is reported to be heavily pregnant and due to put to bed in July or August after she got married to a mixed-race man in a private ceremony some time back.

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But it was a conversation most people would not have on a platform, because probably almost every single person has a family member that bleaches.

You can go to a hospital and see the nurses have bleached; you go to banks, you see it. And then when I moved to Ghana about six years ago, I was shocked.

People use very dangerous mixtures and concoctions with high levels of hydroquinone. Abebrese is reportedly pregnant and due to deliver in a few months - According to reports, the TV personality got hitched in a secret wedding to a mixed-race man Popular Ghanaian actress, Ama K.

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And the message was simple on [our billboards]: Subscribe to watch new videos YEN is building a platform where Ghanaians can share local news and own experiences with each other. I mean pretty much all facets of society.

And I was like, what the hell is going on? Hydroquinone has been highlighted, some of the dangers.