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How do you typically prepare for a role?

Biography (wiki)

I had a very short stint—by short stint I do mean one night because I was so tremendously terrible at it—as a caterer. Relying too heavily on a ritual, I tend to feel a little stuck. Then I was given the much easier task of pouring a gentleman some seltzer and of course I managed to fumble the bottle and spray it everywhere.

That was something that I worked on for three years, from [ages] 20— What a great actor; so transcendent and capable of such interesting depth onscreen.

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When did you know you wanted to be an actor? But you know, you spend a lot of time getting really stressed out about things in your life and your career and things not going exactly the way you wanted.

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But so many of heeresnachrichtenamt nsa hookups things that have taken me on such amazing adventures as an actor have been things that I never saw coming and never planned for and never predicted.

I enjoy starting fresh each time. There are a few things that inherently go into it; I try to do whatever research I feel the part calls for, different ways of getting in touch with the character. I believe I got my Equity card when I was about 15 years old.

I really love actors like Michael ShannonSam Rockwell, Scoot McNairy, Michael Fassbender —people who are kind of always surprising you and doing such different kinds of work, different kinds of projects, different kinds of genres.

About the Musical

I did a catering event about 10 years ago, and it was at a Montessori school in Brooklyn. From there it went to Manhattan Theatre Club.

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It was a really intense, dance-heavy rock opera, eight times a week, with one day off. Which I did with gusto! Check out more of our Backstage 5 interviews! I tried to bartend and could not open a bottle of wine.

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So he goes on a bit of a paranoid odyssey in which he assumes the role of modern private detective and starts scouring New York for clues because he lacks the capacity for communication to ask her himself. I gave up planning a long time ago. Which of your performances has left a lasting mark on you?

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Everything has its challenges. Throughout the course of the film my character becomes suspicious and convinced that she might actually be in New York.

What was your worst survival job?

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Tell us about your latest project. Jason Goodrich The Tony-winning rock star chats with Backstage about his upcoming film, his terrible catering skills, and the play that changed his life. And when I was about 12 years old I had my first ever acting experience in community theater in Wilmington, Del.

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The Newsroom Photo Source: So I try to shake it up each time. It became my confidant and my best friend Who do you have an acting crush on?

It started with just a love of film and theater.