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The music is what the movie is about, anyway, and the soundtrack covers almost everything possible. Here his violence feels distant and impersonal, but I liked the contrasting made between the period music and scenes of brutality.

American Pop

From swing to rock and pop, American pop one scene dating loved the selection. Disney puts more effort into making their characters different than this, but their action is in the exaggerated fashion of Mickey Mouse. Rather than a single individual, the "protagonist" is a "familial line"; one could even say the protagonist of this movie is a "creative spark" that passes from father to son.

For an animated movie, American Pop is incredible, but still falls short in the tactical storytelling department.


In fact, on one level, "American Pop" is simply an entertaining history of twentieth century popular music, a history which is embellished by the presence of four characters which represent different points in that century insofar as they "could have written" the songs of their particular time.

I'm just happy they stopped with the early 80s and didn't get into Britney Spears or The Backstreet Boys.

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He knows things like fire are impossible to animate in a realistic fashion, so he uses real footage intercut with his cartooning. Casual animation fans will probably be turned off by the rotoscoping and lack of imagination. Was this review helpful?

While that wasn't the best of ideas for those movies, in American Pop proves that Bakshi can use various techniques with amazing effect.

American Pop (one scene)

Nevertheless, there are several things I enjoyed about "American Pop". Violence has always been one of Bakshi's curious inserts, even in The Lord of the Rings he can't resist the occassional spray of blood.

Unfortunately, due to his immense level of rotoscoping, personal details of the characters are abandoned.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give "American Pop" either a 7 or an 8. If more time had been given to everyone else or if Tony's tale of woe had been shortened, the movie could've been better.

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It was interesting how we were shown that the same creative spark which expresses itself through popular music is intimately intertwined with the sexual urge - and hence the urge to "keep the spark alive" by passing it to the next generation.

This is Bakshi's best work. Finally, one of my favourite aspects of "American Pop" is alluded to by the second word of the title: It's also very interesting to see a movie about popular music as a whole throughout the twentieth century, as opposed to being confined to one particular decade.

Unfortunately, I didn't like how so much time was devoted to Tony the 3rd generation compared to everyone else. While other films like Akira, The Lion King, and even An American Tail have better artistry and family appeal, American Pop proves that animation can be mature in theme even in its simplicity.

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At-times-corny-hodgepodge, yet quirky, offbeat, and strangely touching mercer74 16 May I won't go so far as to call this movie a masterpiece, but I do have a special weakness for Ralph Bakshi for some reason, and I enjoyed this film despite the awkward non-uniform animation involving heavy use of rotoscopingthe corniness of some moments, and the bizarre contexts into which some popular songs are placed e.

Overall, worthwhile for music afficionados.

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It works on varying levels, but does feel like a cop-out.