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You have to dither a lot to get a good picture as there are no real colours shades. Because 4 "green" shades are too close. They often used latinos Comics stars illustrations as intro pictures. I was only 7 so some of the games like Gunship and silent service were a bit confusing but I still used to play the shit out of them.

Games back then were better than now.

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Yet the high amount of colours allows the use of Anti-Aliasing technics to soften the shapes. Better used as a Text Mode, yet it can be included in a split screen games.

It is not shown on the cubes because it is supposed to be "inside" the cubes. Notable games editor who used well the Mode 0 capabilities was the Spanish Dinamic corporation This can be multiplied by x2 or x4 in both dimensions X and Y.

Amstrad cpc 464

So you have to round it, wether be it superior or inferior value. Also it is worth noting that the resolution of these Sprites 16x16 pixels can be displayed through "magnification". Pictures and graphical materials have to make good use of dithering in order to get a realistic look, yet the square pixels allow smooth dithering, and the absence of colour attribute system permit really interesting stuff compared to the humble speccy.

Systems with a bit RGB palette use 4 bits 16 values for each of the red, green, and blue color components.

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Mode 0 graphics Mode 0 graphics are blockier thanks to the "2x1" ratio. Dithering is sometimes used in this mode, yet the high number of colours allows better colour layers. This would simply not work properly. Yet this can be used for a more subtle approach, and yellows actually mix well with some "Greens" CPC palette and ditherings Courtesy of MacDeath.

Added to those, there are a few special crossbreed colours such as "Mauve" 2 shades: Amiga then PC's. I was more into computers then Consols.

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Such cubes are also a guide to get the smooth gradiants from one CPC colours into another. Border The border allows 1 additional colour to be displayed on the screen with no tricks, as it has its own ink.

Also the official names of the colours may not be that accurate Great time playing games on it. Was kinda like the holy grail of microcomputers. But when considering on screen pixels reactions, notably during flickering technics, some combinaison may be better than others in order to reduce the flash effect of the flickerings.

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Yet a massive amount of horizontal "split rasters" allows you to multiply the number of colours displayed on the screen. Yet it's almost like an Hercule PC display. My mate had the C64 and I had the Amstrad.

Mode 1 graphics The pixels are square, but the only 4 colours are a bit You can get all sorts of interesting effects by trying to call random locations. We were given it as a gift by our brother in law who was about 10 years older than me in Mauve and Pastel blueorange can mix with red and yellows"Purple" a bluer Red and a lot of "light greeens" turning into Cyan or yellow.

Notice how some colours can be obtained with up to 4 different combinaisons, yet with the same result. I have the win ape emulator for my PC but it's not the same: Then I wanted to go up to the 16bit and that when I got the Amiga Needless to Say, the Amstrad PLUS has no problem to display proper colours when dealing with adaptations-ports from C64 or Atari ST but the resolution need some work mode0 means wide pixels.