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During a concert in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Sunday, his trousers split right down the crotch forcing him to perform with a wardrobe malfunction.

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Security was perhaps a bit lax. The year-old singer could be seen showing off a brand new Venus De Milo tattoo on the back of his head in a few pictures posted onto social media on Tuesday morning.

Chris Brown shocks fans as he gets a Venus De Milo tattoo on the back of his head. Their most famous achievement is the series of jewel-drenched Easter thermochronology dating they produced for Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II, which the Russian rulers gave as gifts to their wives and mothers.

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The year-old singer had a large tattoo featuring Venus De Milo on the back of his head It is an interesting place for anyone to have ink, but as the singer already has plenty of body art perhaps he amy demilo flirt running out of space to put new pieces.

Some contain just a handful of words, yet they hint at the passion in her work: As recently astwo works on papyrus fragments were identified by an Oxford papyrologist.

Only the head of the iconic ancient statue, believed to depict the Greek Amy demilo flirt of love and beauty Aphrodite, was inked on his body.

When Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, the last of the Medici ruling family, died inthe diamond didn't stay with the treasure trove she bequeathed to the Tuscan state.

Many of these bits survive thanks to her popularity in antiquity, since her writing was frequently quoted in other sources. Each egg contained a surprise, from the Amy demilo flirt Railway Egg with a wind-up train made from gold and platinum to the Bay Tree Egg shaped like a tree, with a mechanical singing bird emerging from its branches.

There may be more of Sappho's work to discover. Ink his whole body: Some surrendered swords from this era were brought back to the United States by American soldiers, while others were melted or tossed in the sea.

In one of the images posted on Twitter, the Loyal singer could be seen with his hand over his face while showing off the new addition, which covers up a portion of one of his first tattoos: A safe room had been built for Dublin Castle inyet the safe that protected the jewels was too big to fit in the door, so it was kept in a library strongroom.

But surprisingly Chris Brown appears to be a fan of ancient Greek art as well.

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These include one of the most dazzling rooms ever made, a giant yellow diamond, and the work of a renowned Greek poetess.

Despite the embarrassing mishap, Chris kept dancing until the end of the song Chris - who paired his too-tight jeans with a fitted black T-shirt and green baseball cap - was dancing along to friend iHeart Memphis's single, as the dance moves proved too much for his jeans.

There are few photographs—the only image we have of one of the eggs, the Cherub with Chariot Egg, is a reflection in the glass of a display case.

In another snap the singer showed off a large portion of his head shaved with the fresh ink as he posed alongside his tattoo artist In another shot, the father-of-one could be seen showing off his blinged out necklace and rings along with the fresh ink and his tattoo artist posing with a peace sign in the background.

However, the star continued on with the performance, only running backstage to change once the song was over.


Lavishly decorated in jewels, gilding, and, of course, panels of amber, it was sometimes called the " Eighth Wonder of the World. One rumor is that the investigation was halted under the orders of Edward VII because it ended up touching on a sexual scandal at Dublin Castle.

However, in the s the art historian Nello Tarchiani did archival research that revealed the diamond likely had no connection to the duke. Once inside, they handcuffed the guards and revealed their true intention: Despite periodic claims of it being found—and verified remnants turning up in —most of it remains missing.

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There are many theories on its disappearance, including that it was sold by the exiled emperor, and perhaps cut into smaller gems for that purpose.

One top suspect is Francis Shackleton, second-in-command at the castle, and brother to the famed explorer Ernest Shackleton ; some say he may have been trying to raise funds for his brother's polar expedition. An investigation was immediately launched, but a century later, the case is unsolved.

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With any luck, there may still be scattered remains of her poems to unearth in the detritus of the classical world. Perhaps the singer was running out of places for new body art as he already has plenty on his neck, arms, chest and back Recently, Chris had one of his more embarrassing moments on stage as his skintight jeans appeared to not be able to withstand his dance moves.

They tried to take it apart, but the dry amber crumbled in their hands; instead they hid it behind wallpaper. A late 19th- to early 20th-century excavation at a trash dump in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, turned up valuable fragments of her poems. The treasure did little to protect him, however, and he fell along with his gem.

However, in a Midwest man who had bought what he thought was a fancy doodad for scrap gold happened to do an internet search on the name on the little clock inside: Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, and Manet works are among the stolen art, although strangely, the robbers also opted to take a bronze eagle from the top of a Napoleonic flag and an ancient Chinese beaker rather than other, more valuable objects nearby.

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After that, its fate gets fuzzy. Information on the lost eggs is sparse.

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Scroll down for video Fresh ink: After the Russian Revolution overthrew the Romanov Dynasty—and the imperial family was executed—the new Soviet rulers seized the eggs.

It was in the treasury of the Medicis in Florence that it got its name—the Florentine Diamond—and most likely its glistening, facet double rose cut. Ina reconstruction of the Amber Room was unveiled near Saint Petersburg, so visitors can at least get a glimpse of its lost glory.

Others posit that it was stolen and spirited to South America. He is certainly no stranger to the form of body modification as ink covers all of his neck, arms, chest and back.

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Lenin was interested in preserving such cultural heritage, but Stalin saw them as economic resources, and the eggs were sold off. He has shown an appreciation for modern music, dance and fashion.

The pricey pieces, which included a diamond star and badge, had been presented to the order of knights in With no trace of the diamond in years, its whereabouts remain a mystery.