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And the worst part? Oh Hiromi teams up with Toby in her ending. Breaking the Fourth Wall: The comic gets more and more dated as time passes.

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Terezi duh and Davesprite, who both take pleasure in screwing with the player for kicks. The first installment was introduced on April 3rd, in a surprise announcement on the What Pumpkin tumblr, in the immediate aftermath of a major company shakeup coinciding with the transfer of Homestuck and some related MSPA properties over to the Homestuck.

Terezi Pyrope, Jane Crocker and Davesprite are described as such in the official site fittingly, as they're the only characters revealed so far that didn't come from a Namco game.

Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Cousin is surprised to find that Meokie a small and very nervous cat girl and King a Large Ham wrestler who intimidates the rest of the school are good friends. The game features Hiveswap trolls first introduced by the Troll Call event, with whom the player interacts with in the persona of an unknown title character potentially the MSPA Readeracting as a nameless player substitute who has crash-landed on Alternia.

From there, you can get a: It's the order of the secret handshake for cheat code sellers and villains; at least that's what Cousin implies to Al B. The games are modelled on the style of the dating sim genre, styled as "friendship simulators" as the interactions had with the characters are platonic; this format follows in the footsteps of Andrew's previous dating simulator project featuring Homestuck characters, Bootice process mbr disabled dating High.

NAMCO HIGH, Andrew Hussie’s dating game of fanfic shipping, is live

This would be difficult if not impossible to revive, especially with a company running the show. At the end of Hiromi's route. Meowkie, for example, is apparently quite the Badass Adorable. A Date with Rosie Palms: Evil Namco Highwhich captures Pac-Man late in the game.

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Furthermore, Nidia reminisces about Combining with her previous partner, saying it's "the most natural thing in the world," and reveals that she's in detention for trying to force other students to Combine with her, which is referred to as "harassment.

She describes herself as a "hard-nosed skeptic" and refuses to believe that anything out of the ordinary happens at Namco High, taking this to absurd extremes such as by claiming that a classroom is too small to hold a spaceship even though Galaga is sitting right there and failing to realize that her friends Terezi and Davesprite are anything other than cosplay enthusiasts.

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Whatever the hell Mr Driller is. Hussie and the comic itself interacting with the fanbase was a big piece of the puzzle. Whatever the hell Anti-Bravoman is.

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Driller and his father struggle with an obsession with digging. You get a different ending based on who you choose to fight alongside you when you go to rescue Pac-Man from Evil Namco High. If Cousin talks to Al at the start of the game, he'll ask what they're in for and they'll bluff and say "the usual" in an attempt to seem cool before realizing they have no idea what that means.

Cousin thinks Nidia's " grinding " refers to the dance move, and remarks that she's "so experienced" after she tells them she's Combined before Cousin is embarrassed to reveal that they never have. Bandai Namco and Homestuck characters in a high school setting.

Pac-Man wants to hold your hand in this new dating sim

I hope no one talks to me. Apparently they were very persuasive.

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He also says, "Oh. At the end of her route, she admits that maaaybe some strange things do happen at the school.

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If the player chooses to interpret Cousin as a specific gender, going after characters of the same gender will make them this. Nidia's route is chock full of these.

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Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Apparently Viz is trying to get into video games or something, so if I had to guess I would say that they're banking on people wanting to read Homestuck after playing Hiveswap so they want to make it somewhat more accessible.

In his route, Mr. Subverted with Davesprite because him being true to himself is more counterproductive than it has any right to be, Art Shift: The final battle with Evil Namco High generally consists of your character and their romantic partner leaping in, followed by cutting straight to the conclusion.

When she reveals her secret identity to Cousin, Aki transforms instantly from her civilian clothes to her superhero outfit.

Donko has similar issues stemming from her cuteness and popularity; one of the things she initially likes about Cousin is that she can rely on hir to be sincere rather than pouring on the flattery.

If you go through Davesprite's route again, he acknowledges this, but has the exact same lines of dialog as before. Tomari has a horrible laugh. In reality, she's talking about Pyralspite, her favorite Scalemate stuffed dragon toy.

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Homestuck readers probably assume she means Karkat. This Is Gonna Suck: Driller is poised to become just as obsessed with it as he once was.

Davesprite could relive the same romance over and over, and have no damn way to stop it. There are self-esteem issues, obsessive tendencies, and paranoiac conditions aplenty. After your first run through with Davesprite, it turns out that his fears of remembering the previous run through were unfortunately correct.

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The ending of Hiromi's route has her, Toby, and Cousin ride off into the sunset together as they leave to explore the world. Riding into the Sunset: Cousin has a tendency of pulling these out. So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Cousin, should they join the drama club. Driller and Cousin sit on the roof together after he destroys his father's statue and gives up digging.

However, Cousin is Ambiguously Human at best, so every romance might be an interspecies romance! The Digging Club on Mr.

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The constant attention and favoritism it receives from others has made it unable to accomplish anything on its own merits, and it thinks Cousin is only nice to it because of its beautiful hull. The bizarre premise being the hook for a Dating Sim might seem rather familiar to those who remember Hatoful Boyfriendthe game where a human girl tries to date sentient birds.

Lolo might count as well, being Little Bit Beastly. For one thing, "Combining into a dragon" or just "Combining" is repeatedly used as an allegory for sex.

It's nigh inaccessible, stacks of in-jokes upon in-jokes only the cult of a fandom would understand.