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Android onkeyup not called dating, getting started

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Class CoronaActivity

PC will send to mobile throw Socket message and mobile will fire up event from message in socket. My activity offers the user a way to stop the service and the service kills itself anyway after it's work is done but i don't want the service android onkeyup not called dating stop every time the activity is destroyed.

It's possible that the focus is set wrong - the activity is started from a button xtreme wear flirt screen, so it could be in touchscreen mode.

The correct version is: You can see that the keyboard has gone but the search view is still there. Nevertheless, if I add the following code, which is being executed from time to time when all the children have been added, I get that it have 10 children, not 1: In this case, we are showing messages on the screen as follow: I have made all of the children activities return false in onKeyDown so that the key will propagate through to the parent.

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Is there any way to keep the service alive but still get an interface to control it directly. Specifically, these keys are the power button and the home key.

Handle single key events

It is up to you to implement the actions you want to take at that time. For the down key, if the return value is false, it means it will be handled by the system, so when you press it, you are actually turning the volume down. Everytime, I add a support design widget it is showing java.

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Inside it I set up a LinearContainer which will contain the dinamically added views. All view objects added to this view group will be overlaid on top of the main Corona content.

Returns null if the CoronaActivity's onCreate method has not been called yet. Nov 30, I got an problem on getting the TelephonyManager in my personal service.

Android Tutorials for Beginners: Handling Keyboard Events In Android

Returns the intent that created this activity. User has to press the back key another time to navigate back to original activity.

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Even for Textviews, when long clicking on it with the center select, the activity onKeyDown gets triggered before the TextView processes the longclick and shows the Input Method context menu.

Now create a new class which extends from EditText class. I'm using the emulator from SDK The code as below: Returns -1 if given an invalid argument.

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I want it, because i'd like to create program for remote keyboard, which will be PC keyboard. For the life of me I can't figure out what makes the service to restart.

Returns null if this activity has not been created yet or if the activity has been destroyed. I want to add a desktop widget that binds to the same service.

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In future i'd like to create service, which will be starting on device power on. I am having error on every support design widget.

Protected override void OnKeyUp not being called

Fill the project details with your preferences and then click "Finish". The Volume Up key will show a message if you hadn't pressed it in a while. It seems strange, because I downloaded the latest source available from Google repos.

This activity will use ActivityInfo.

Solution 3

I also set up android: For the example above, we have an EditText which we have using for searching. Or does anybody know how to solve it? So which one is better for my use case? To override it, you need to create a custom view.

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Returns the width in pixel units. The returned intent will change when this activity is started by a call to the startActivity or setIntent methods, which typically happens external to this application such as when a notification gets tapped by the end-user or by another application such as Facebook.

The documentation states the following about onKeyDown: Wrong height in view added Dynamically to a container in Android: The Back key is intercepted by the onBackPressed method.

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This is the distance between the origins of the screen and the Corona content. The intention of this method is to provide a thread safe mechanism for sending tasks to the CoronaRuntime thread so that you can access its LuaState.