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Miranda Lambert sings about a woman who discovered her man sleeping with another woman in their bed. He tells her to put an extra layer on because she's been known to kick off her shoes, leave her jacket in a bathroom stall, lose an earring in angry single girl songs country drink, or a contact down the sink.

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Until then, I had no idea that there even was a third wheel in our relationship. Ain't nothing like a conscience, even if it's a few minutes late.

A man vividly recalls his seduction at age 16 yes, that's right by a lonely World War II bride: When Love Turns Sour Most people have at least one cheating story to tell — whether they've done energias renovables definicion yahoo dating, seen it, or merely heard about it.

Passion runs high in this Garth Brooks song as a angry single girl songs country seeks vengeance against her cheating husband. This is not a good sign. Scherz seized the opportunity to work intensively with two artists with such an impressive work ethic.

The mistress begins the song insisting that her married lover stay with her when his wife telephones. No one knows the heartache of lying, cheating, two-timing, and sweet revenge like country music does!

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Cheat on her at your own risk. In their first meeting, they wrote a song about fathers and daughters called More Time and Slower Horses that blew Scherz away. Amidst the insults, Loretta has news of her own: There is some major caustic hatred in this song. It makes you wonder whether the excitement of their relationship lies chiefly in its forbidden nature.

She explains, "I'm so tired of being lonely. If you're like Alan Jackson or John Anderson you sing this catchy number: He helped Marlow learn the mandolin. Rather than crying and making a mess of myself, I donned the offending apparel and marched right up to the corner drug store where the interloper was a part-time cashier.

As the seasons come and go, the lonely mistress realizes that "soon" will never come. We just ran them until they were all at least, eights, nines or 10s, and then we knew that we could add them to the show.

Name That Cheater view quiz statistics Although we're not sure exactly how she took them out, she references "fire and brimstone, dirt and a headstone.

The song was also certified Platinum in June Both Lee Greenwood and Reba McEntire sang this sad song so well that you sympathize with the wife. This was the biggest leap in CMT history.

Songs About Cheatin' Cheaters: When Love Turns Sour

It features Underwood in several different outfits and portrays the concept of a "good girl" and a wiser, more experienced "dark girl" who is warning her against a man. If you prefer, you can describe "someone else's" experience.

McKinney had originally grouped them with a third artist, but Marlow and Dye eventually opted to work as a duo. He filmed them performing their music and had them watch back the tapes, taking notes.

The door slams and he wishes he could chase after her with a gun. Yet in the ultimate mind game she pleads with him to tell her a series of lies: Miranda Lambert tells the story of a betrayed woman who has given up on love.

93 Country Songs About Cheating and Lying

Against the advice of friends and family, she settles for sloppy seconds from him, although she knows their relationship is morally wrong: One must admire the wife's spunk, although I do hope she put her man on a short leash for awhile afterwards.

Marlow, meanwhile, had just skipped a weekend dance team tournament to enter a Houston-wide singing competition, which she won.

He better be ready to hear the insults because they're flying everywhere in this song! Roughstock gave the song four stars and praised that "this is the best uptempo vocal that Carrie Underwood has given country radio.

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In a surprising twist, he blames himself for being neglectful of her needs " Both women were beginning to realize their own ambitions for a career in country music.

Hey, we won't judge. However, as the years passed, work, infidelity, or whatever we just don't know took the husband away, and the couple's three-bedroom home became the bride's prison.

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Are you kidding me? Miranda Lambert was the girl who also sang "Sin for a Sin" 6 on our list. The video was directed by Theresa Wingert and filmed in Los Angeles.

And don't even get me going about how dangerous your behavior is. This song was released just weeks after the year-old singer died of heart failure, aggravated by substance abuse.

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Quite by accident, I intercepted a gift meant for him — a nice t-shirt — and the love note that went with it. It tells the story of a suspicious wife who has caught wind of troubling new behavior in her marriage: It tells the story of a woman who lies to her rich old husband so that she can go out to the cheating side of town for the evening.

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When I was much younger, a purty young thang who was even younger than I was took a sudden liking to my steady boyfriend. In this song, she tells her lover he doesn't know right from wrong and he's made a bad mistake: Country vocalist Lee Ann Rimes also recorded it, in She even has some guesses.

She has realized that after all these years she has a lot to lose by betraying him. But if you are cheating with him, then you can dang well have him because I got NO use for a cheater. Kenny Rogers made the song famous in Like the song, the video is talking about an inner struggle to overcome a bad relationship.