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It seems like it was yesterday when the affair of Iglesias and girlfriend, Kournikova, became a hot news. For a few months now, Anna has been spotted wearing a large diamond ring with matching eternity band on her wedding finger.

Clearly, Anna is a very active and hardworking person, who tries to achieve the best results. Are Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova married?

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During an interview with E! However, neither Iglesias nor Kournikova has accepted this rumor. She mainly gained this sum of money during her career as a tennis player.

During her career Anna won numerous titles and other competitions.

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In Anna and Martina Hingis won the Australian define fecundating Grand Slam title and proved that she was successful in doubles as well. Or, do you think they will break up soon?

She anna kournikova dating 2018 a part of the Spartak Tennis Club and had an opportunity to be trained by Larissa Preobrazhenskaya. This couple has made public appearance countless times, and all of their fans accept that they look really perfect with one another. Her collaborations with various companies have also added a lot to this sum.

So how rich is Anna Kournikova?

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Since then, they have been dating secretly. Four years later Kournikova won the European Championship and this was the time when her net worth really began growing.

Anna Kournikova and her diamond ring A photo posted by Anna Kournikova?? I have not ruled it out, but if you're happy, I don't think marriage will really make a difference.

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But soon his opinions became the headline, and he cleared people doubts by saying: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova share first baby pics. Soon Anna started participating in various competitions and gained more and more attention from others. However, in an interview this past summer, Enrique revealed that despite the length of time they've been together, he and Moscow-born beauty Anna had no immediate plans to get married.

The relationship between them is going really well despite all these years, and they look like a young couple in love. These also added a lot to her net worth. Moscow-born Anna posted a photo on Instagram last month, featuring herself on a boat with her figure swamped by an Iglesias tour jacket Last year Anna sparked marriage speculation when she began sporting a large diamond ring and matching eternity band on her wedding finger.

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Despite this fact, Anna recovered from her injuries and was later able to achieve great results. Anna is considered to be one of the most popular tennis players and one of the hottest women of all time.

I'm not against marriage by any means. The reason behind it is that Enrique does not see why getting married is important. Despite never winning a singles title, Kournikova reached No.

Anna started playing tennis from a very young age and step by step her skills improved.

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However, her net worth was by then considerable. Unfortunately, in Anna experienced several injuries and was not able to play for some time. This only proves that despite the fact that now she does not play tennis professionally, she still has a lot of fans all over the world.

What is more, Anna has many other activities which also help to increase her net worth. Anna still plays in some charity events so her fans are able to see her playing. Of course, not all tournaments were successful for Anna, but she never gave up and continued improving her skills and achieving better results.

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Do you think they are secretly married? Sadly, Anna again experienced some severe injuries and finally decided to stop her professional career as a tennis player. Enrique and Anna Kournikova Iglesias surely does not talk much about his girlfriend and the relationship, but looking at the way they are going for the past 14 years, they are not going to break up.

There were again rumors that they married, but no one has confirmed them. Enrique and Anna have been together for 16 years since meeting on the set of the hitmaker's music video for Escape. Despite the fact that now Anna is not able to play tennis professionally because of her injuries, she still remains very popular and participates in various projects and charity events.