Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross at the Disney/ABC Summer Press Tour | Tom + Lorenzo Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross at the Disney/ABC Summer Press Tour | Tom + Lorenzo

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And the show will go on.

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The dynamic duo looked proud as punch as they posed together Simply the bust: Tequila Mockingbird Golden Globes are given for performance, not anthony anderson and tracee ellis ross dating. Applebootay She won a golden globe for that show, so that means whyt people watch and like it.

She should be negotiating for a producer or co-exec producer credit and structured raises in upcoming seasons. Despite steadily declining ratings, with season three's finale drawing just 4. I know women in Hollywood are feeling all-powerful at the moment, but it is never a good idea to poke the bear.

Tracee should make as much as Anthony. Meaning more people think its above average. With this behavior, they will write her off of this show as quickly as they wrote James Evans off of Good Times. Anthony meanwhile stars as Andre 'Dre' Johnson Sr, an advertising executive desperate to get his middle class children interested in urban culture, with mildly amusing results.

Do they just want to eat their cake and not get fat? I could actually do with a lot less Anthony to be honest. Contracts do matter tho. The pair chuckled as they swapped jokes on the red carpet Coming between them: Pay her and the oldest son. The dynamic duo certainly seemed to be having a great time as they hammed it up with aplomb, before posing up with actress Anna Deavere Smith, who previously made a guest appearance on their programme.

MsPam Me and you both. It seems Anthony is not Tracee's only admirer Advertisement Share or comment on this article: You know darn well doing most of the work has nothing to do with equality.

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Phillybruh Toni left to do that show on CBS. It looked like Anthony did not want to let go of his on-screen wife Glamour couple: Rayne Did that girl and guy really name that baby Chicago West? I learned that from a powerful woman years ago and she was right.

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She wont be missed all that much. The daughter of Diana Ross squealed with delight Strong grip: Phillybruh They would at this point have to pay Tiffany more than Anthony.

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This show tackles some tough issues, race, politics, religion, socialism, history, etc…. She should have gotten it already. Phillybruh His Producer fees are separate from his actor fees. Phillybruh Contracts can always be redone. In the upcoming season Glee's Stacy Traub will join the series as executive producer, replacing Jonathan Groff.

Do women complain when they make more than their male counterparts? LeBrickJames Maybe they should replace her with Tiffany Haddish or some other funny, talented black actress.

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But it could work without him. The chesty star had chosen an adventurously tight dress Tracy plays female lead role Dr Rainbow Johnson on the hit show, which premiered on ABC back in There are bigger stars and better shows who have negotiated and we know nothing about it. The former professional clotheshorse looked in fine form after trotting down the red carpet His lady in red: She can be replaced.

Between this and some of those metoo stories…. MsPam She needs to chill because her last name is what is getting her through the doors in Hollywood!

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Equal pay for unequal work is ridiculous. NeverSurprised Very bad form to do this publicly. The show does not work without her. NeverSurprised Gone as quickly as James Evans. TF Tequila Mockingbird So stupid.

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Wreckognize Game They could Judy Winslow her ass Phillybruh Considering she is just as nominated as he is for the show. She is funny and a integral part of the show.

The debate about her part on the show is separate from the salary discussion?

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Share this article Share Married father-of-two Anthony meanwhile had opted for a trendy neon blue suit, black shirt and leather shoes. MissHarlem This is annoying. I think that is so ugly for a baby name……damn shame….

Phillybruh Some roles can not be replaced on shows and Hers and Juniors are one of them. Trace da Ace never watched the show…so …umm…. Tracee will get her raise.

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They can write a divorce into the script, or have her character die offand give Anthony Anderson a new wife before the end of the season.

And Anthony should be on her side with this and represent. Trace da Ace yeesssss!!!!