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The Spike system is made up of the launching tripod with its fire control unit and the missile. With this, the operator can obtain a target if it is not in the line of sight of the operator at launch, switch targets in flight, or compensate for the movement of the target if the missile is not tracking the target for some reason.

There is no dedicated thermal sight on the launcher — the missile's imaging seeker is used. The medium, long and extended range versions of the Spike also have the capability of "Fire, Observe and Update" operating mode.

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The missile has a soft launch capability — the motor firing after the missile has left the launcher — that allows for the missile to be fired from confined spaces, which is a necessity in urban warfare.

It can be launched from the ground or from helicopters. The missile is designed with a counter- active protection system CAPS capability, being able to hit targets at higher impact angles of up to 70 degrees. Spike is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance.

It was developed following lessons learned in the Yom Kippur Warwhich showed a need for a high-precision guided tactical ground-to-ground battlefield missile.


Spike can be operated from the launcher by infantry, or from mounts that can be fitted to vehicles such as fast attack vehiclesarmored personnel carriers or utility vehicles. The missile is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker. The European variant of the Spike weapon system differs a little from the Israeli version and is marketed under the name EuroSpike.

The missile is connected by a fiber-optical wire that is spooled out between the launch position and the missile.

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Vehicles that are not normally fitted with anti-tank weapons can therefore be given anti-tank capability. It is used by infantry and special forces. Hence, the missile can be fired speculatively for a target of opportunity, or to provide observation on the other side of an obstacle.

It adds fiber-optic communication to and from the operator during flight. The missile uses a tandem warhead — two shaped chargesa precursor warhead to detonate any explosive reactive armor and a primary warhead to penetrate the underlying armor.

III also operate this version in the anti-ship role.